By JeffeeBojangles - 28/02/2012 12:46 - United States

Today, my grandma seemingly decided that it was a really nice day to put my cat in the dryer. FML
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Good idea, but it's a little bit illegal

Jakesterk96 8

Woah #1, it was a cat, no need to put grandma in a dryer.

So2011 4

Unless no authorities find out then it's perfectly fine. If OP goes and tells, then she/he would be blamed.

n_epic_fail 14

...How else is she suppose to dry the cat after giving him a quick run threw the washing machine?

Andr913 13

No, the washing machine. Toss in some fabric softener too.

AdamBasebal69 0

Shhh don't let the cat out of the bag.

My grandma is ready to sell me for her cat :/

You should handcuff your grandma to a treadmill and turn it on as fast as it will go. This way she can get an idea of what the cat went through.

Seriously people on here are evil Even if my grandma Did anything like this I'll give her an apology

94, you're great with words aren't you lol.

#1 the 80s called they want their haircut back

The grandma is probably just loopy. Anyway don't put her in the drier take her to therapist lessons because hurting animals is the first sign of being crazy which leads to being a serial killer (ect)

111, sounds like she is maybe developing dementia, beyond help in regards to therapy. She should put be put in a home.

bizarre_ftw 21

103, the zombie hunters called, they want that joke back, apparently it won't die.

blackheart24 10

This happened to my friend once. Her cat got in the dryer when she wasn't looking and it was in there when she dried her stuff... The cat didn't make it.

bvq25 8

lol. i had a cat once that liked to go sit in the dryer. it was never on,we'd just leave the dryer door open and he'd climb in lol.

The way i read this was u would apologize to your grandma for her putting your cat in the dryer. What the ****?

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nco1414 7

Maybe it would get rid of some of her wrinkles

Jakesterk96 8

Don't cats like to sleep in hampers sometimes? Or is your grandma running out of her medication?

my sister actually did that by accident... lol funny moment in my life

nofearjenshere 12

Grandma didn't want OP's pussy to be wet.

no my cats fine lol obviously it wouldnt be funny if he got hurt

MerrikBarbarian 9

If you think that is funny I suggest some therapy... Hurting animals is not funny ever. :/

Must be a Deadbeat Holiday. Yes. That is a Green Day reference.

What's :( with all the faces :) at the end of comments :o :I :S :D

cadillacgal79 32

143-this is your comment to me:"What's :sad: with all the faces :happy:at the end of comments :gasp: :straight face: :awkward: :extremely happy:

Maybe she didn't turn it on? That's really ****** up if the cat did get hurt. I'd never want my cat to get hurt

uhmkeil 6

I thought old ladies were supposed to like cats?

Maybe her grandma is a dog disguised as an old lady...

MoonPhase123 4

I thought it was only lonely old ladies...

your cat was being selfish and won't share some hard candy

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Was it being a bad opossum? ....what were you even doing with a opossum? o_0

CeruleanThree 8

Watch out, we've got a bad ass over here.

Killing/torturing/hurting small animals is the first stage.. Sick ****..

It would be a opossum, not an opossum. It's an exception to the rule due to pronunciation. Nice try though!

CmarieMC23 3

There's always a grammar nazi in the bunch. -_-

The_Troller 14

Teach it a lesson for what? Being an opossum?

MCTime - no, it isn't an exception to anything. If you call the animal a possum, then you'd be correct. If spelled out "opossum" as this idiot commenter did, you're dead wrong. Nice try, though.

charlieohcharlie 12

#68 I believe you are mistaken - since the "o" in "opossum" is not a silent one; it's pronounced [uh]-possum or [oh]-possum. So "an" was the correct indefinite article.

KiddNYC1O 20

Remember the dnepropetrovsk maniacs? Sick *****.

KiddNYC1O 20

Why would someone randomly say opossum out of all animals if it were indeed a joke? Maybe it's just me.

drawmesunshine 17

117, what in the actual **** did I just read? I can't even... What happened to them to make them do that? Why would.. ****... I'm all depressed.. I need to go meditate and color with crayons...

Lol they're called possums where I come from and while I wouldn't put one in a dryer even if I could catch one, they are still pests who eat our native birds.

okay, why did you have an opposum?

It would be "an", not "a", but good try.

Poor thing! I'd be so pissed off if anyone did that to my kitten! Your gran must not be all there for her to do that eh? Or maybe she hates you, or the cat, or you... Oh wait

Make sure you stop your grandma before she sets it to tumble dry...

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Haha good thought haha email me

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Make sure you brush your teeth before you go to sleep. ^-^

her pic could've been tinted weird. I hope so. such a pretty face! itd be a damn shame to downgrade it with poor oral hygeine D:

104 I laugh at your stupidity. Obviously you don't recognize poor lighting when you see it. And at least I am not afraid to show what I look like ^-^ I probably have whiter teeth then you. You don't got it babe

livvyluvlaf 8

I like how you changed your picture (:

feldco1 17

next you'll find the dog in the dryer.

No she'll find the dog in the washer tahaha