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  Jakesterk96  |  8

Woah #1, it was a cat, no need to put grandma in a dryer.

  WOGBRO  |  6

The grandma is probably just loopy.
Anyway don't put her in the drier take her to therapist lessons because hurting animals is the first sign of being crazy which leads to being a serial killer (ect)

  bvq25  |  8

lol. i had a cat once that liked to go sit in the dryer. it was never on,we'd just leave the dryer door open and he'd climb in lol.

By  Sway_NV  |  7

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  DocBastard  |  38

MCTime - no, it isn't an exception to anything. If you call the animal a possum, then you'd be correct. If spelled out "opossum" as this idiot commenter did, you're dead wrong.

Nice try, though.


#68 I believe you are mistaken - since the "o" in "opossum" is not a silent one; it's pronounced [uh]-possum or [oh]-possum. So "an" was the correct indefinite article.

  drawmesunshine  |  17

117, what in the actual fuck did I just read? I can't even... What happened to them to make them do that? Why would.. Fuck...

I'm all depressed.. I need to go meditate and color with crayons...

By  Havin  |  19

Poor thing! I'd be so pissed off if anyone did that to my kitten! Your gran must not be all there for her to do that eh? Or maybe she hates you, or the cat, or you... Oh wait


104 I laugh at your stupidity. Obviously you don't recognize poor lighting when you see it. And at least I am not afraid to show what I look like ^-^ I probably have whiter teeth then you. You don't got it babe