By Anonymous - 18/12/2012 05:15 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I accidentally knocked over a mall Santa on his way to meet some children. I've never had that many hate-filled eyes on me at once. FML
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It's ok, we all mke mistakes sometimes

Does this mean you're on the naughty list?


It's ok, we all mke mistakes sometimes

Ah, I see what you did there.

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1- Touché. Well played. 19- Seriously? Go word by word, and then proceed to facepalm when you see it.

19-That went way too far over your head

Weak, come on...

I don't get it

He misspelled "make"... That was the mistake... Goodness -___-

#19 Did it really not come to you?

Don't worry, I'm sure no one will remember after Christmas.

If she was a big lady then Santa might

Does this mean you're on the naughty list?

I hope you apologized and helped him up. If not....expect coal. Lots and lots of coal.

Back in the depression me and my daddy used to be on the naughty list just so we could get enough coal for the winter. 'Twas some hard times really

Why didn't you just stay on the good list and wish for coal?

Count your blessing, could have been a children riot.

Sometimes it's just fun to play Polar Bowler: The Real Game.

It's just an accident! I wouldn't hate u for that..

Except you're not a six year old that still believes in Santa.

Mall santas are the pedophiles of society.

No, pedophiles are the pedophiles of society.

Or that being a mall Santa is the only job the could land.

Score one for you. Last time my kid sat on a mall Santa's lap, she said he smelled like booze.

Why is your kid so familiar with the smell of booze?

How does your little kid even know what booze smells like?

She said "He smells like Uncle Larry." Her Uncle Larry really liked his Black Velvet.

Did you not have a childhood? If I was little and I saw someone knock over Santa, regardless if it was an accident or not, they're getting the "you're dead to me" look.