By Anonymous - 08/10/2010 16:33 - United States

Today, I came home to find that my pregnant cat had given birth to a stillborn kitten in every room of the house. It had then rubbed its butt around the house, leaving bloody stains everywhere. When I went to clean the white carpet, the bleach turned it green. FML
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Fishfanatic 7

Oh >.< That's horrid. Poor cat! Did you not take her to the vets recently? They could surely have done a scan to see if the kittens were ok ( which we now know they weren't ).

perdix 29

You could start selling little Italian flags. You know, with the red, the white and the green.


Fishfanatic 7

Oh >.< That's horrid. Poor cat! Did you not take her to the vets recently? They could surely have done a scan to see if the kittens were ok ( which we now know they weren't ).

code2264 0

poor pussycat :(

You look great in your pic, congrats!

darlinqqbella 0

1-800-Steamers. Stanley steamers makes carpets cleaners.

zerobahamut03 2

Omg that's horrible. Poor cat and kittens. Fycl indeed.

1, who the fuck takes their pregnant cat to the vet. you know it's pregnant, and she knows how to do it herself.

omgYoUbasTards 0

win 43 :-D

boyguydudemalema 0

poor cat? what about the guy who had green stains all over his white carpet? cats give birth naturally by themselves since the beginning of cats. i dunno guys, if animals suddenly tried to dominate the world, i'll side with my own species !

wwerulez14 6

Lol darlinq, best part is I sang that along in my head :D

81- they're saying poor cat bc the kittens all died.

Person000 0

81 ... so did humans?

stephanie0613 0

YDI op, you knew the cat was pregnant. You should have kept an eye on her to make sure she was ok, especially if it was her first time having kittens. I love animals and you op fail. That's why you deserve green carpet!

jk btw dont do it

so what he was supposed to stay home 24/7 just invade she started to have them? he probably was at work or something... animal lover or not it's definitely not his fault

* incase not invade. iPod changed it...

That would be because "incase" is not a word.

trueblue42 4

that's so disgusting and so sad at the same time....... ahhh!!

humans should be the same way but for some reason women don't trust their bodies to do what nature intended.

They don't leave stillborns in various rooms of a house then wipe the blood on a carpet?

I think it's a bit late for that advice.

200- you try and give birth naturally without pain medication.

twinny_sc 13

If you hadn't said second I would have considered liking you since your username is epic. Too bad you totally ruined this friendship. Now, good day.


as surprising as it may sound some people actually want to breed their pets! besides if you neutered them all the species would go extinct

Person000 0

121 ARE YOU RETARDED. EVERY SINGLE DAY WE PUT DOWN THOUSANDS OF CATS. why? cuz idiots like you want your cats to have babies! idiot! cats are so overpopulated we have to kill off thousands off cats (and dogs). we say NUETER your cat so we don't have to f$&@ing kill them when they are left on the streets. my god, idiots! those shelters you pick up a cat or dog from, you know the place? that's the last chance they have. if no one takes them after awhile they will kill it. educate yourself god I hate people like you.

talk about reading wrong... i said if you neuter ALL cats it would go extinct... don't take comments so seriously... Going on your way of arguing we should start neutering people since we have lots of those in care too... you want to go first?

148, you are a moron. We will never reach a point where they go extinct. To use that as a counterargument is like saying women shouldn't take the pill because humans will go extinct. Moron.

agree with 132 and 153

The_Big_Mac 7

humans may go extinct but there are quite a few I would prefer to never see breed and produce children.

The_Big_Mac 7

of course they wouldn't go extinct but just for arguments sake, you know.

153, do you know what spaying and neutering are? They're surgeries that prevent the animals from having babies. #148 was saying that If EVERY cat were to be spayed/neutered, there would be no babies. No babies = no more cats, no more cats = extinction. Pay attention.

that was food dye not bleach


soooo hes dumb because he didnt spay "being that its obviously a female, you should think befor you call someone dumb" his cat that he may have wanted to get pregnant?? nice i didnt neuter my dog so he could have puppys does that make me dumb?? idk

*****her cat

It makes you an asshole. Thousands of pets die every day in shelters. Also, did you know there are other forms of capitalization besides question marks? And there's this new thing called "capitalization."

capitalisation is putting a CAPITAL LETTER at the start of a sentence or name, I believe you're thinking of punctuation. if you're going to be a tool and try and rip someone apart online for their grammar, don't get it wrong. :(

that was food dye not bleach

Orlinda 2

You should have used oxy clean, it works better

sashalynn 0

"It isn't clean if it's not oxy-clean. Guaranteed to clean better than normal house-hold appliances. You'll get your money back if it doesn't work. Try it out and tell them that your friend, Billy Haze, sent you."

sad day....he's dead

Yeah he's dead (Billy Mays) and that's sad, but he was awesome. I don't know about anybody else, but his voice always pumped me the hell up: "Hi, Billy Mays here with Oxy Clean!!!". The guy made me wanna dominate people with my voice. #1: "What the hell, you just hit me!" #2: "I'm here with my fist, and I want you to shut the hell up!" Great announcer that guy :) . Probably the greatest TV commercial person ever. Way better than those losers from the Magic Bullet commercial. The woman looked like a spokeswoman for Botox or something. Anyway I'll stop rambling now.

icadragoon 11

LMAO @ 33, that is without a doubt the vest comment I've read all day.

billy maze dude its spelled billy MAZE, i dont want to live on this planet anymore.

oh crap i have no clue maybe it is spelled billy mays not bill maze be back in ten got to check the interwebs

He never came back.

perdix 29

You could start selling little Italian flags. You know, with the red, the white and the green.

:( Nooo!!! Peridx has failed.

SmallTownCutie 0

no, I thought it was a pretty epic win.

perdix NEVER fails. you just missed the humor in it.

YDI for having a cat.

if you dont have a dog then ydi for not liking animals

should have pulled a bob barker, and remebered to control the pet population by spaying, and neutering your pets.

haaa... except he used hedge clippers.

rofflewaffle 9

Oooh, you've done it now. You guys made mintcar so mad she had to go out and find a thesaurus.

rofflewaffle 9

That was meant to be a reply to the next one down.

#125: Robot Chicken ftw!

It's a lot of money to get a cat spayed / neutered. Maybe he/she didn't have the cash to fix their cat.

If you can't afford the costs of a cat, then you probably shouldn't have one either.

mintcar 9

That sucks, but now you have kittens. :)

Igor_g5 0

Dead ones.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

are you an idiot

drawing_a_blank 0

The kittens were all dead, genius.

mintcar 9

I should've read the FML more carefully. Oops. Yes, I iz dumbz. thnx fer point1ng it out.

Time to spend less time taking pics of your stank ass face and get hooked on phonics so you can read better

mojojojo just pulled out his hefty ballsack and shroom stomped someone. :P and mintcar srsly, how can you miss STILLBORN i reckon you dont have a wide vocabulary

mintcar 9

Coming from someone without a picture. It's always galling when the ones without pictures insults the looks of others. I clearly didn't read the FML correctly. If I needed Hooked on Phonics, I'm pretty sure my reading comprehension would be far worse than this, no? Not that any of your comments bother me. Good job trying to abhorrent though. You sound oh so tough.

mintcar 9

You probably should've went all the way with your insult by the way. "Stank ass face?" It raises a slight annoyance when insults lack creativity. Eh, oh well.

rofflewaffle 9

Oooh, you've done it now. You guys made mintcar so mad she had to go out and find a thesaurus.

what part of stillborn did you not get?

mintcar 9

A thesaurus for which words exactly?

mintcar 9

Oh yeah, I forgot to add " GRRRR!" to indicate my " anger." There you go.

rofflewaffle 9

I just think it's hilarious that your profile says that you respect the English language, yet your grammar is just as bad as anyone else's on this board. Don't attempt to defend your mistake by trying to "sound smart." It doesn't work and only makes you look worse for your hypocrisy.

mintcar 9

How is my grammar just as bad? I think it's funny that you came back to this post just to spew more idiotic drivel. Apparently multitasking while reading an FML is out of the question. Oh by the way, you said I used a thesaurus. But couldn't even answer my question.

yeah. dead ones. I hear they're fun to play with.

mintcar 9

Oh and by the way, I'm not coming back on this post. It's old and i don't have to keep defending myself. Also, I have to go pick up a thesaurus so I absorb many more of my "super big words" that I use to sound oh so " smart." Have fun having a lovely conversation with yourself. Hope it goes well.

kcTornado 0

um... no! they all died! seriously mint that was dumb

SweptAway 0

Stillborn kittens, dead kittens

It's ok we all know you are not the brightest crayon in the box and we forgive you for that. However, pretending you "smart" is just sad. Eventually you were going to be called out for it. Karma really is a bitch :-)

They were stillborn! That means they were born already DEAD!!!!! Don't be so damn IGNORANT

You are one dumb person,apparently you Don't know what still born means,Look on google!

Poor kitties ): I feel so bad for the momma kitty and the baby kittens. O and I don't give a damn about your carpet, ydi for not using the proper cleaning solution!!

palmtrees 1

No, he deserves it for not getting his cat spayed.