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138 you've never seen an animal give birth, have you? It's fucking disgusting. Definitely not something you want to have happen on your bed. OP is probably burning their sheets as we speak!

  ugliness  |  6

never watched it but I did see pictures of a cat giving birth in a school library book when I was 9, I didn't think it was gross
is it really that nasty to see something give birth?

  franniedottp  |  8

watched it last year in seventh grade sex Ed...
sooo awkward... my science teacher now decided to share with us that before they had the movie, it was of her giving birth to her son... I'm so glad I got the miracles of life instead!


To the people criticizing the woman about not shaving: when one is nine months pregnant, she probably doesn't care about if she shaves down there. She wouldn't be able to reach it anyway. A pregnant woman's "stomach" isn't soft and squishy; it's quite the opposite. But I agree, that video was so awkward. I would hate to be that kid when he's in biology or health. He'd be in class watching the video and say, "HOLY SHIT, MOM!" and be scarred for life. I pity him.

  myxcure  |  2

161... easy to reach, harder to see, use a mirror (or husband)... I didn't meet one prego chick in any of my classes that didn't shave or at least trim a bit...

By  missymoo123  |  0

awww that's lovely =) we had a neighbourhood cat come through our window and give birth behind my wardrobe...we didn't know until we heard a litter of kittens meowing a few weeks later =/

  missymoo123  |  0

well I personally didn't notice them until the night I got back from hospital after a 3 month stay, however my partner had said that he saw a white cat jump out our bedroom window about 2 weeks before I got out...however he didn't happen to close the window because it was going on summer and he's not the brightest spark...but anyways I was laying there that night and I start to hear little meows...more like mew mew mew so I went looking and had to pull out our HUGE corner wardrobe and there they were 5 white and a ginger still with their eyes closed barely able to move....satisfied as to why we didn't notice as soon as they popped?

  izaya_fml  |  0

One of my cats started meowing and wandering around within an hour of her birth. We weren't sure if she was brave or just stupid. She's still a really loud meower.

  beccusmaximus  |  0

Yeah, there's a reason you can go to your local ASPCA and get your cat spayed for almost nothing. (Sometimes it is free.) I'm curious as to how many cats this chick has gone through since she "always" gives away pregnant cats. The best way to avoid having a pregnant cat is getting the damn thing spayed. It ends up saving more lives in the end.

  zarjazz  |  0

you are a terrible animal owner; please never own animals ever again. thanks to you and others like you, thousand of animals are killed ever year, for no reason other than overpopulation. if you aren't responsible enough or don't have the money to properly spay/neuter your pet, please don't have one. also, what kind of uncaring, unbonding, unloving person gives away their animal pal because it gets pregnant?!? wtf is wrong with you?


And btw, they suffer their whole life. My couisin is a vet. All these stupid people used to come in and be like "my cat has a disease!" Or "my cat only has one baby! Help!". The funniest line he heard was "I'm not spaying them, it's abuse!" Yet, ruining it's life is apparently better to them. Sigh.

  slinkydee  |  2

you do realise that youl eventually run out of friends and family to palm off your pregnant kitty. get a male cat, or even better, get your kitty desexed so you can actually keep a cat for longer than 6 months at a time!

  cetlawizard  |  15

you're an uncaring awful person to do that. if you had them spayed (as you should be)you wouldn't have prego cats... maybe just get boy cats...damn you're stupid

  Jas1234  |  0

You can still get your cat spayed while it's preggers, kinda like an abortion. I'm not really for it but it's better then adding more unwanted cats to the world. And if you're needlessly giving away your cats you're taking away potential homes from cats that need them. As someone who works at a vet, I don't understand why some people don't spay/neuter and vaccinate their pets immediately. It's cruel.


Wow what a fucking moron. I always liked your comments. Now I have 0 respect for you. I can't even describe how much of an idiot you are. There are no words strong enough to describe you. Thanks for helping kill kittens unnecessarily. Bitch.