By cuntocracy - 21/01/2014 22:27 - Australia

Today, my brother asked me if I wanted to see a magic trick. I stupidly said yes and now have a black eye from where he punched me. My dad thinks it's hilarious and my mum says he didn't know any better. He's 13. FML
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I guess that's what they call black humor.

Well blue eye just sounds like an eye color soooo black eye it is... Even though its more like a nasty purple, yuck

Black Humor? Once your black you never go back..... My bad :P

What else do you expect from a 13-year-old brother?

Uhhh... To not act like a ******* douche?

#15: Most thirteen year olds are immature douches anyway, and if it's your younger brother then generally that doesn't improve anything.

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I stabbed my older brother with a fork when I was 13 (._.)

Yeah but usually (I stress the word "usually") violence is kept between brothers. A 13 year old boy giving his sister a black eye is a little overboard.

My little brother beats me happens.

#22, I go to a charter school that has 8-12 grade, and the 13-year-olds are about 10 times as mature and nice as the sophomores and juniors.

Exactly. My brother was a douche at 13. It's worse cause he's 14 now...

@#41 they may be nicer, but i highly doubt they're more mature.

I'm fourteen and I'm pretty nice man. I'm not a douche I swear it.

My brother and I are completely civil to each other and he's thirteen. So no, this isn't what I'd expect from him. The most violent we get is during war games in Halo

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Me and my big sister used to have pretty intense fights when we were little,but i made sure to never put my hands to her face.

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My brothers 13, and while he's obviously not a fountain of maturity we get along just fine. OPs brother is a special type of asshole!

58: and it must've been something really mature you did to get probation.

Being immature is fine, being mean is not. Its never okay to be an asshole, regardless of how old you are. Even minors have the responsibility to not be mean.

Ask if he wants to see a trick and then make him disappear.

Rainhawk94 27

Just take revenge by getting out embarrassing baby photos of him whenever he starts to date

They r brothers he can just do that right back, just beat the shit out of him instead.

27- He's a she. This was his sister.

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actually they are** not brothers

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your parents must be timmy turners parents in real life

The baby child can get away with anything, trust me, I'm the baby brother in my family

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you're probably a pain in the ass.

Stop making us "baby children" look bad. Not all of us are spoiled brats.