By Anonymous - 21/01/2014 21:30 - Iceland

Today, my mom made me go shopping with her. It was freezing out, but she didn't wear a coat, boasting that she doesn't feel the chill like I do. By the time we drove home she was whining about freezing to death, and now I'm stuck in a house whose heating is set to "inferno". FML
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Obviously a place a called Iceland is always cold, covered in ice and frozen. Greenland of course is just covered in vegetation as far as the eye can see.


Given your location it seems your Mum is pretty stupid

I hope by that you don't mean that the place is completely covered in ice...

Obviously a place a called Iceland is always cold, covered in ice and frozen. Greenland of course is just covered in vegetation as far as the eye can see.

#20. That's actually not true at all. What I learnt about those two places is that the names of Iceland and Greenland are complete opposites of their name. Lol


#24, it seems you have a cold. I'll make you a nice, hot tea.

Give him some of your famous whorehound tea, Sassy. That will clear up his cough right away.

Everyone, isn't #6 one of the most beautiful men you've ever seen?

#28 No. He is not :)

Pretty sad that #23 didn't get the sarcasm.

Aww, thanks Sassy. I take mine with some honey and lemon! =]

Welshite, if I give him some of my whorehound tea, the cough will go away but he'll catch something else.


Ouch, 32, there goes my self esteem :/

Please tell me you're just trolling. Iceland is coverrd in Green and Greenland is covered in ice.

Honestly if I'd never watched the mighty ducks I forget which movie number I'd probably have made the same mistake but the quote "Iceland is green and Greenland is covered in ice" always stuck with me

Guys, both Greenland and Iceland can get very, very cold.

Did your mom also believe the world was going to end on Dec. 21, 2012?...

#23, you must be fun at parties

ouch! that has to burn

January in Iceland is still cold as fuck. But nice attempt at being a dick. Well this was a reply to #6 I have no clue how it ended up here.

@ #11, I don't think #2 was trying to be a dick. You on the other hand...

17- Let me complete your sentence: "... are a victim of FML site twitchiness."

#11 Regardless, it was assumed that he thought it was covered in ice, "given the location", so next time, learn to figure out clues before you look like the ignorant one here ;P

On the other hand? I think you mean in :P

atleast you can get out of the house, stuck in a foot and a half of snow

I know how you feel. This winter has been almost too warm. Only had 1 day if snow. :(

Does she own a sweater? Or a sweatshirt? Or a blanket?

Since she was boasting that she wouldn't get cold, I don't think so.

That frostbites.

Icy what you did there

Snow what, it was hardly a spine chilling pun.

I don't get it; has she never been in really cold weather before?

...They live in Iceland, dude. Yes. I am aware Iceland isn't as cold as Antarctica or "Green"land, but I imagine it's up there with Alaska and Norway.

So much for not feeling the chill.

Lol. sounds like a kid.

Makes me wonder who the real adult is. Haha.

Remind her how high the heating bill will be.

I'd secretly turn it down! take a cold shower.