By tsakashvili - / Tuesday 26 May 2009 04:38 / United States
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By  Insert_Wit_Here  |  0

Hahahaha, awesome. It's like the 60's all over again. You kinda deserve it for scaring your little sister, but you'd think your mom might've waited for an explanation first. Apparently not...

By  ilikefish  |  0

I've had my parents do that. My brother would go running yelling "mom!!" and my mom would ask me what I did to my brother. "Nothing! Honest!". She never punched me though lol.


lol kinda like my lil brother when I'd mess around and shove him( I should add it was softly) he'd like throw himself across the room and burst into tears run toy mom, hom being her perfect muffin man shed get pissed at me and smack me... lol good times

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