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Fight Club

Today, while at a local bar, my friends and I were approached by an overly intoxicated man who asked us each politely if we wanted to fight. Thinking it was a joke, I said yes. It wasn't a joke, I now have a broken nose and a black eye. FML
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  hoghunter  |  1

how can anyone say she deserves this. she obviuosly didn't expect it. And besides there is no excuse EVER for a man to lay his hands on a woman. if I saw this happen the man would need dentures becuase I would have stomped his teeth in.

  vivibeatles  |  1

#84 OP is a dude...not a chick

and im not saying he shouldve fought the drunk guy cause theres really no reason to fight him..but just walk away ..either that or sharpen your reflexes LOL


OP your dumb for that! don't you know you have to just smash people like that! don't even talk and just smash him! lol bit you didn't so now your all brokin up. lesson learnd. lol