By WickedRene - 02/08/2014 01:57 - United States - Rochester

Today, I was watching my 3 year old brother. He asked me to get him a cookie and I said, "What's the magic word?" He looked at me angrily and said "Bitch, please." FML
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I hope you didn't give him that cookie and taught him how to speak

xXToxicPenguinXx 12

Oh kids these days!


xXToxicPenguinXx 12

Oh kids these days!

more like kids these days parents

That's when you reply, "Bitch get it yourself" and flick him on the nose.

That's when you get Arm & Hammer baking soda tooth paste and wash his dirty little mouth 'till it sparkles.

No, that's when you clean it up with Orbit.

I agree with what 27 is trying to say, more like parents and their lack of discipline these days!

Exactly. Kids are the same, the parents however are not. They rather be their kid's buddy than his parent.

Kids are all like this. My brother, when he was a year and a half old could talk quite a bit; and one day while I was cooking he tossed a stuffed toy over the baby gate. Of course he started pointing and grunting instead of speaking, so I told him to use his words. His words were "gimme the ******* bunny". Its hilarious when kids swear, though a habit we have to try to not encourage! Good luck OP.

It is NOT hilarious when kids swear. I hope you don't have children and all kids are not like this. Maybe you were raised in a less disciplined house hold, but that doesn't mean everyone is like that.

No, I don't think it's funny, I just think it's kind of sad. But if you think it's funny but still discourage it then I suppose that's fine. We all have different views. It's when people think it's funny and encourage it, take videos, etc. that we have a problem.

Chill out #51, my friends never swear and their daughter busted out a swear word. The mum is a teacher and explained to me that if the child is young, you're encouraging them to speak and learn words, to then turn around and tell them they can't say certain words is too hard for them to understand, when they get to about 3 you can explain good words and bad words. But it's got nothing to do with a disciplined family. Children pick up everything, they're little chubby learning machines

Annnnnd on a lighter, pointless note.... #35, Orbit is too nice for a little cuss machine. Arm and hammer would be far more satisfying. >:3

xXToxicPenguinXx 12

Well then again parents were once children of course. Most of the time it is the parents fault, but it could be other adults in their life that they learn words like that from or maybe a fellow classmate that may have learned that word as well

samomaha 17

RE #57, lwtumn, yeah, I laugh every time you say a word like that!

I hope you didn't give him that cookie and taught him how to speak

Yeah, the little brats mouth was already rotten the way it was.

At least he said please. :)

Yes, that's definitely the most important part, he learned his please and thank-you's.XD

Nah he didn't mean to say please.. It's part of the phrase bitch please. If it was please, bitch or bitch, please then yes

Kyle1dc 17

Ladies and gents, our future generation...

Kids say the darndest things. Lol

It's from a show guys

Better give em the cookie

I wouldn't give him the cookie.

Wrong! Those are two words; not one. No cookies for him.

The kid was 3, don't go all grammar police on him.

Rainhawk94 27

The joke. ____________ Your head

Wow... I hope he scored himself an ass whopping with that mouth...

He's three. He obviously doesn't actually know what it means

If you still gave him the cookie, maybe he knows something we don't.

haha burned by your brother