By sidldaking - United States - Highland Park
Today, I had a big final project due for class. None of my project partners would help me yesterday, because they were convinced we'd have a snow day. Unfortunately, we didn't have a snow day, and we failed. FML
sidldaking tells us more :
To follow up on the FML, I complained to my teacher and informed him about the situation. The project had multiple parts and we were given some time to work on it in class. I managed to finish my part of the project a few days earlier and all I had to do, was wait for my partners to finish their parts and I can put the whole thing together and hand it in. I kept goading my partners to finish their parts but to no avail. Finally on the night before the deadline, I begged my partners to finish, but they refused due to the possible snow day the next day. My teacher understood the situation and he decided to accept my part and grade it for me while the rest of my partners failed. P.S. Sorry for being so late
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By  Steffi3  |  40

Lazy project parters are always a pain. FYL

  kylieh72  |  25

It's possible the OP finished their work but they couldn't have put the whole thing together with their group's parts unfinished. And even if they'd had time, people procrastinate. It's not some unheard of concept. Still shouldn't have to suffer the laziness of others.

  JennaNGood  |  21

No 15, do all the work and then tell the teacher that no one helped you. Once me and a partner had to do a debate and I kept texting him about our project and he never answered and then didn't show up on debate day so I got all of the credit and he got 0.

  Danne696  |  14

It is possible that they were just supposed to finish up on what they'd done and everyone was needed to finish. If you have like an hour worth of work it isn't that horrible to wait until the last day.

  Metallica36176  |  16

I don't think OP deserved it considering they were actually trying to do the work. You don't know how long they had. I know sometimes we would get a huge project and only have 2 days to do it because they would have 4 people on 1 project. I would go to the teacher and explain what happened and see if you and only you could get extra credit or something.

  Daaaan  |  13

Considering it was an important final project they probably had some time on their hands.
OP should've talked with his project partners a few days before to make some finishing measures together, cause it takes some work to put your work and the work of your project partners together, otherwise the whole project just won't fit together plus it avoids situations like this.

By  Steffi3  |  40

Lazy project parters are always a pain. FYL

  airhead2015  |  18

Yeah I also generally work alone, mainly because people only join my group because they know I'm smart enough to do it myself. The only time I work with groups now is when a group is required by the teacher, and I just take the top bidder (unless my friends are there). Someone once gave me $10 just to work with their group. Lol my economy teacher just said, "Its supply and demand."

By  Labyrinth13  |  20

Isn't there a way of checking with your school if there is a real snow day? Why didn't you just finish the project yourself? Sounds like you and your partners are both to blame.

By  ihaveasushicat  |  24

Why would you do your "big final project" the day before it's due? Aren't final projects usually given out earlier on near the beginning of the semester? That's how it always worked for me so that you'd have weeks to plan and prepare to get it all done.

By  Kalipczo  |  21

Unhelpful Group-project members are the worst, and although it does suck that none of them would help you, you could have finished it up yourself and then told your teach what had happened. Maybe you would have passed while the rest of your group failed.

By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

So you all waited to finish on the project to the last day? YDI on all of you. It doesn't even matter that your partners thought it would be snowday, you all should have finished the project sooner.