By mochiko - United States
Today, I was at the mall with my little brother. I saw him touching some expensive objects, so I slapped his arm. I noticed he wasn't my brother when he started crying and his real mom slapped me in the face. FML
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  niki13_fml  |  0

sometimes little kids cry just out of being scared, welli would be scared too if some stranger hit me.
and dpending on how old the OP was, the mother would be illigal for striking the minor YDI

  Skull_300  |  0

Two options here:
1. Sue that Bitch.
2. Beat the Fuck out of her. She should have thanked you for making sure her brat didn't break something. Instead of watching her kid, sounds like she was either taking care of her shopoholic needs or sucking a cock.

  jam_21  |  0

I don't think the OP deserved it. He was just trying to prevent someone who he thought was his brother from breaking anything. Also, chances are that the OP didn't really hit the kid's hand hard. It may have just been a stern pat to remind him to behave, so many older siblings and parents do that to discipline the kids, which I think is a very important aspect of bringing a child up! The kid probably just cried cuz he got intimidated by an absolute stranger and the mother was definitely a bitch in overreacting that way! FYL.

  blondie1488  |  0

Yes, sue the child's mother...The child's mother could sue the OP since the OP slapped her kid...and as for not watching kids...obviously the OP wasn't watching his brother or he would have known that the kid wasn't him.

  Blippety  |  23

Slapping a kid's arm is the equivalent of "hey don't touch the stuff". I really don't see how that was the wrong thing to do if she thought it was her brother.

By  Qup  |  0

if your first impulse us to hit, you need psychological help. next time, just SAY: please, don't touch the clothes that we can't afford to buy.". or the old standard: "look with your eyes, not with your hands". obviously YDI.

  krazykhaki  |  0

oh please, where i live, thats totally normal. When i was little and my mom or older siblings saw me playing with an expensive object they would give me a little slap to the arm or whatever. If i didnt like theyd beat my ass and i would stop instantly, its the only thing that works. People just dont know how to displine children these days. Gentle words dont work. You have to be firm and to the point.

  mrsmaguy  |  0

Oh my I think that people really need to take a deep breath and calm down. This fml was hilarious. It was a mistake. I can't tell you how many times I wasn't paying attention at the mall and starting talking to someone who wasn't who i thought. I've even grabbed the hand of a parent who wasn't mine...when I was little. Who in their right mind can say they never gave their sybling a slap? Obviously this person wasn't being abusive...the woman over reacted. I would be pretty mad if it was one of my daughters. But I certaintly wouldn't slapp another person's face for swatting my daughters hands away from merchandise. I wouldn't slap any stranger's face, especially if they explained it was a case of mistaken identity. Some of you people have nothing better to do than verbally abuse people on this silly website. If it weren't for people who told their stories you'd have nothing to read!!!

  jam_21  |  0

#11- you need to realize that it's a kid being dealt with out here. Politely asking a kid to behave like an adult and be all proper is probably not your best bet at actually preventing him from screwing up, if anything he'd just do it more because kids love to do what they're told not to. So yeah, the OP wasn't wrong in giving the kid (who he thought was his younger sibling) a small slap on the hand. It's just a part of disciplining the kid!

  btown1616  |  0

You need help... Slapping someone on the wrist wont cause "phychological damage" and its a teaching technique thats been very succesful... Older generations used it and look how good they turned out... And look how screwed up this generation is


You're right we wouldn't have FML if people didn't go ahead and post stuff like that and I wish people would stay away from being mean. Also, I've never slapped my siblings. I'm the oldest by years so it's not like I was a little kid and just did it. Just saying though.

By  niki13_fml  |  0

i've done that before. several times. if you have little sibs, its gonna happen, a lot of little kids look the same at first glance, i have four of em. so i confuse em quite a bit =) its kinda funny when you think about it