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Today, my little brother came into my room and hit me over the head with his baseball bat. He then dropped the bat onto my floor and ran crying into my mother's room proclaiming I stole his bat and beat him with it for fun. FML
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Ali_Br_fml 33

don't you just hate little brothers???


Ali_Br_fml 33

don't you just hate little brothers???

Lol I bet you people are still going to vote OP deserves it for some weird reason

Takuya272727 16

If he is going to say it, you may as well do it to him(without injuring him severely), so he doesn't lie about it. This will teach him two things. Not to hit you, and not to lie. Sometimes it can be the only lesson you can do to / for a brother. My brother was like that, and we adapted because of that.

TheChampagneBoi 5

Trash his xbox my friend did it and was never bothered again

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19- That doesn't necessarily work. Many mothers would punish the older brother even without physical evidence of any kind of hit, and of course would punish even worse if there actually was a mark. Many parents take one child's word completely over the other. I have several friends who have been in the same situation; thank God my brother can't get away with it( he's tried ).

You should put one of his toys on the floor or something and watch him trip as revenge.

Spade606 6

If you are getting punished for something you didn't do, then there wouldn't be any harm in doing it anyways.

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wow if my little brother ever did that to me or my older brother not only would we break the bat on him my mom would ground him just caus were older.

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You should have given him something to actually cry about.

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im 16, and have a 9 year old brother. once, I accidentally elbowed him in the chest and he cried for about 3 minutes straight. when I told him to shut up and get over it, he punched me in the nose and broke my glasses. he then ran off to my mother saying that in a fit of rage, I elbowed him in the chest and told him to shit off. gotta love little brothers.

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OP, I hope your mother believed you. That is ****** badly, and I hope he is several punished. Not only for lying, but for attacking you for a bad reason.

What exactly does 'shit off' mean?

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if your parents take your little brothers words over yours i think the best way for pay back would be to take videos or pictures of his embarassing moments and show'em to his friends or his future gf or something.

To everyone who hit "thumb-down" on my first comment: Ever heard of sarcasm??

my brother always gets away with it using even try anymore

Steal his bat and beat him with it. if you're going to get in trouble you might as well deserve it.

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dude yogur little bro blows. Second! xD

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were u trying to spell yogurt in your mad attemt to get second, because as we all know, second is the first loser.

Obviously they are trying to spell your.

flockz 19

obviously i knew that. obviously u dont understand sarcasm. obviously u have no sense of humor. obviously your a troll. and yes obviously i think u need to shut the **** up.

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Who's flocks? I don't see that name here.

FLOCKZ chill it's only a spelling mistake ..

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nooo not a double comment i never thought this would happen to me.... FUUUUUUUUUU-

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double comments are caused by double tapping send.

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parents refuse to look at the evidence, and will just end up punishing the older one anyways. FYL op

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I'm an oldest child too. I know this too well.

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OP's a horrible older brother you got to make the little bros to sacred to do anything

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times like OPs makes me say "thank you for making me an only child God"

I would love to have a little brother if I could fast forward for times like those

u shouldn't be. only children get very spoilded

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45, it all depends on the parents. Don't stereotype.

Agreed with 66. I am an only child and growing up most of my clothes, etc. came from a thrift store. I didn't have cable tv, a phone, or any of the awesome things that my peers had growing up.

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It's ok swift, they aren't that great anyways. They're quite corrupting anyways.

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ouch hope your mom believes you.

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she probably wont. my mom always listens to my lil brother cuz hes the "angel" :/

Little bit of fake blood and faking unconsciousness ought to do it.

You stuck out on this one bro but your brother hit a homer fyl

You should actually beat him up with the bat for fun :D

that's sick, u should go see a shrink, and/or a therapist.

seriously though, OP, if you get punished for this, you really should wail on the little bastard. if you get punished for it, you may as well commit the crime.

Gosh! a lot of people who comment on my comments can't take a joke!

Id do something to him while he is sleeping tonight