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  dre_bro11  |  12

I don't see the problem. You expect to be known OP? By the sounds of it you aren't famous or well known, as are most of the 6 odd billion people in this world. Maybe do something outstanding and you'll get your page.

  mrsninja  |  2

Good grief - in all your efforts to highlight how misspelling is just 'lazyness', you yourself have incorrectly spelled 'lazyness' is LAZINESS...

  GreatGeak  |  8

stfu grammar Nazis. You're only annoying, and over-opinionated.
granted when looking for a job, or interacting with clients grammar is key...but this is frickin FML. we're here to have fun.

  missmurderx  |  8

Really, Sammy? You need to go back to English class, I see. A lot of kids at my school spell things wrong on purpose, because they think it's cool, and I suspect you're doing the same thing. You're just denying it because people finally caught onto your desperate attempt to fit into this screwed up society. Is it really so hard to type one extra letter to make 'dat' into a proper word?

  mrbungle666  |  0

99 good luck getting a real job someday. Guessing from your writing skills you still at least have 8 more years at home to learn how to string a thought together.

  GreatGeak  |  8

eh you're cool Sammy.

here's the thing grammar boyz/gallz. you think that because your point of view is in the dictionary then it's right...well guess what?
Ain't and Funner have recently been added to Websters.
Does that mean it's now proper grammar to say ain't and funner?
Now I'm not trying to start WW3, I'm just saying don't butt rape us when we use da instead of the now and again.
...granted "wan" instead of "wanna" instead of "want to" is

  GreatGeak  |  8

*reads over comments*
my only point (pure and simple), is that u guys overreacted as a collective and thus just gave a bad face to those of us who respect the English language with great fervor.

  H8fulwanker  |  1

Sammy, just shut up. You're giving Asians a bad name. Misspelling on purpose is not cool and you should not be proud of it, you won't get a decent career with that, no being a stripper is not a decent career. It's pure laziness and people like you are the ones who gives American bad reputation for being stupid, illiterate and lazy.

  vacantcanvas  |  0

Just shut up and learn how to type. No one cares if you're from Hawaii either, and judging by the fact you're American, and you took a picture of yourself MySpace-style with maximum cleavage, you're uneducated, have a huge sense of entitlement, are spoiled/promiscuous, and think too highly of yourself. Stop bragging about nothing and not having a valid argument as to why you type like an idiot.
You don't need to point out that I'm being a dick, I'm well aware. At least I make sense though.