By Anonymous - 24/04/2015 21:46 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, a cute new guy I always run into at work hit on me. Turns out he's only 18. I'm old enough to be his mom. FML
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That sux OP but it's hard to know how old people are sometimes. Be glad you're attractive enough to have a young guy hit on you.

At least you still got it in you, be flattered.

Actually, I think she was trying to get it in her!

I haven't read any further down but cougar comes to mind.

Time to turn that Pool Boy into a Pool Man!

1dvs_bstd 41

... and let him snake your drain.

If anything thing this is a win. You've attracted a younger guy, and hey there's nothing wrong with being a cougar.

I agree, there's nothing wrong with being a cougar, take pride in it op!

Age is just a number. He can keep you feeling young and you may be able to teach him a thing or two.

As long as both parties are of the legal age.

I disagree. The human brain isn't fully developed till the age of 25 for females, 29 for males. They are maturity disparities between age ranges, and plus people enter different stages in life making it difficult to be in a relationship with someone significantly older/younger. I'm not saying it's impossibke, just not likely to work out.

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# 34 You really want to take it to a mind development. Coworker saw him as a cute new guy so what. If she is in to him let hormones go wild if she wants. Also nowhere did she say she wanted a one night stand, short term, or long term relationship. Guys cute they are both of legal age so if she wants to pursue she should.

I'm not specifically talking about OP, rather the comnent i replied to. "Age is just a number." No it's not. Perhaps I'm being too cynical but I have seen many relationships where age did actually come between them.

you wouldn't be saying this if it was a young girl and an old guy or if the 18 year old was younger. even if he was 17 you'd probably call him a child. what's the damn difference between a few days or a few months?

I would be saying this actually. And your arguement does not follow what I'm saying. Legal or not, I'm saying that a significant age difference does ultimately affect a relationship. I'm not talking about one night stands, and OP probably not have a one night stand with her coworker with out it affecting them since they'ed have to see each other every day.

Who says it has to be a long term thing. How about a good time?

Booooo #65 this isn't a classroom. I say get it on. When I was 18 I was having sex with a 43 y/o woman and it helped me mentally and sexually. I learned quite a bit. Did I ever. Not to mention ego boost maxed!!

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You may not be as old as you would think, many people are having kids at a younger age and if there really isn't a huge age gap between you, like if you weren't legal age before he was born then why does age have to matter?

She just said that she could be his mom so it would be weird

18 plus the minimum of 12. that's at least 30 years old. but my guess is that she's in her 40s.

Just use the campsite rule and teach him the tea and sympathy rule and you are golden. ;)

As much as I want to tell you to go for it, you really shouldn't mix business and pleasure. That said, I hope I'm as good looking as you when I'm your age :)