By Anonymous

Jedi mind trick

Today, my stepdad punched me in the face after I told him I hated him. He and my mom came in 10 minutes later to try to convince me that I'd made it up in my head that he'd punched me. My face was still red. FML
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By  misswilwarin96  |  11

If you're under 18, I would call tell someone outside of your family and call CPS. If you're over 18, there's not much you can do about it now. If it happens again, make sure you take photos of any injuries/evidence of the incident and call the police.

  misswilwarin96  |  11

Well duh, but since the stepdad & mom fiercely deny that it happened and at this point any physical evidence is gone, there's nothing they can do. All that'll come of them calling the cops on the stepdad is anger & resentment. On both sides.


To be fair to the mom if he punches the kid he’s definitely beating on her too. He probably threatened to smack her around more if she didn’t go along with his dumb plan. Bad situation all around.

By  Felice Godin  |  19

me as a parent i would protect my children at all cost i would have sent his ass to jail and file for divorce so i dont understand why your momma would not protect her child they both deserve jail time

By  PlagueofFiction  |  19

I highly recommend that you take this to the police. This abuse by him, and your mother defending him by saying it never happened is why there are so many children mentally scarred in the world. Please, take it from someone who has an abusive father, tell the police.