By djl - 20/12/2012 05:30 - Canada - Beaumont

Today, my boyfriend told me his Christmas gift to me was custom made. I told my parents in excitement, thinking it could possibly be a ring. Half an hour later he told me what it was; a molded dildo of his penis. It's going to be an awkward conversation with my parents when they ask what I got. FML
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Tell him you wanted a real dildo, not a scale model.

saIty 17

Art... I got art...


iliketomoveit123 10

That's exciting.

1dvs_bstd 41

... you should know, softballs catcher :D

You sound know, tuna fish strangler. This is a strange game.

oj101 33

The girlfriend should tell him it the only time she orgasmed in their relationship was with the dildo to get back at him. Surely, he'll think twice after his ego bubble has been popped.

eric40962005 8

But it's a mold of his cock I doubt he would be offended

Just who does OP know that actually would make a mold of his penis... The world may never know

...her boyfriend.

52 - It would be implying that while his size is adequate, his technique sucks. I know I'd be offended.

#72, he bought a kit. It's called Clone-A-Willy. Definitely can do it by yourself. My boyfriend's getting me one for Christmas too xD

iliketomoveit123 10

18- Cool.

Whoever came up with that product name should be working for NASA.

Bad luck OP. Maybe next time you'll know better.

Sinamoi 18

Know better then to...what, get excited over a gift? Killjoy.

saIty 17

Art... I got art...

It's a Picasso


Thick-asshole. Shudder.


KM96 24

Haha your profile pic goes so well with that statement! :D

I don't get how somebody always replies "dinkleburg!" to all of salty's comments, yet it's always thumbed up? Isn't that joke getting old?

Nah, it's a sculpture by Rod-in.

119, no because thinking of dad saying dinkleberg is always hilarious...if it fits. it would be hilarious if salty said it himself in my opinion

That is quite possibly the weirdest gift idea that I have ever heard.

Kallian_fml 21

Try to imagine getting a body exfoliating sponge from your sister in the shape of a penis and two giant, fuzzy balls. That was an awkward Christmas...

Tell him you wanted a real dildo, not a scale model.

Why did people down vote this? Comedy gold!

Don't worry, I am categorically thumbed down in the beginning. It doesn't mean much in the long run, usually.

perdix 29

#19, because scaling can go either way, up or down. Also, dildos come in many shapes and sizes. The joke lacks enough data to make some of us laugh. Now, if she asked, "Who did you have to blow to get them to make a 2x model of your dick?," there might be something there.

Kallian_fml 21

19- Because some people lack the intelligence needed to see the humor. They have to wait for the intelligent people to thumb it up, then they can follow... like sheep...

LuckBeNimble 19

19- maybe because it'd be an unnecessary insult to her BF? still funny though. (:

Also I'm pretty sure there are people that just thumb down all my posts on principle.

I thumbed up 6 for humor, then thumbed down 38 on principal.

Aww so sweet he got her a travel size

Tell them you got "nothing special. Just a microphone."

Then comes the question, "Why did you need a microphone?".

Who uses their dildo as a microphone?

It looks just like a Telefunken U-47....

What do you get the person that has everything, right? :P

The gift that keeps on giving.

Wondering-- what else cums with it?

OP cums with it.

Winters cumin And so am I!!!

perdix 29

Ask your boyfriend to adorn it with a cock ring, so at least you'll have told your parents sonething true. Tell your parents that it was a Jonas Broters-brand Purity Ring. Of course, if it fits, you've got fat fingers or he has a slim dick. . . oh, what a tangled web we weave!

You miss spelled something.

fugger973 5

also brothers. your point?

I wonder how he got that. I mean, did he pose for an artist? If so, did he need a 'fluffier'?

No, they sell kits for guys to make it themselves at home.

Fluffer, not fluffier