By tarynfaye - 21/12/2011 11:28 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I gave each other early Christmas gifts. I gave him a basketball signed by his favorite player, which took me forever to find. He got me diet pills. FML
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Tell him if he doesn't like you the way you are then you don't feel the need to give him any "love"..


iPikaSaurus 3

What's wrong with that? He's just helping you out :P

Is his favorite player Brian Scalabrine?

skinny_treats 6

Maybe you should go on a diet eating your own ****.

DivakiddOsz 5

You should've given him Viagra .

Reyo 2

Don't worry OP. I got my girlfriend a set her favorite series (of books) in hardback all signed by the author, and spent hours making book jackets for them with little inside jokes written on them. She got me $10 ear-buds followed by the sentence "Now you can listen to your crappy music all you want".

Woah there, missy. That's a little harsh, don't you think?

Really? I'd like to see how rough you can get then ;) Actually, no I wouldn't. I'm pretty scared now... O.o

I'm a nice person... Just don't tell a girl she's fat. It's just plain old rude. Haha

When I 1st saw this that's what I was excalty thinking! I hope u kicked his balls bac inside him make him a girl tht jerk

xSonic 9

MAYBE YOU shoul...uh shit imma go now

Because the op's boyfriend must be a supermodel right? When my boyfriend put on a lot of weight didn't change how I felt about him. Some people are just superficial, those are the ones I'd like to see when they are older and having a tough time trying to remain young. Demi Moore complex

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Tell him if he doesn't like you the way you are then you don't feel the need to give him any "love"..

Diet pills are unhealthy and don't work... he should have bought you some gym clothes and a duo gym membership. If you're going to slim down he needs to beef up.

He doesn't want to have sex with a fat woman

What a douche I will take his present back it seems he does not love you as much u love him move on to something better

flipfloperson 5

You're going to take his present back? You know him? Cool.

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Dude. I'm not sure I understood that.. Since it was just one big run on sentence.

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Then for your bday he's gonna get you a treadmill :-p... Better take the hint fatty.

that wasn't called for ... little bitch!! your probably fat as shit so stfu

mom2pen 4

Bounce him, take the ball back and run. Jerk.

@16, leave him..... this person is an idiot.... sorry

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Why would she pop the ball when it most likely was expensive? If I was in ops position I would take the ball back and sell it to at least get my money back.

I hope its ex boyfriend before not to long after this post was made, as it should be

Take it and sell it and buy jewelry Or give him the diet pills back for his fat ******* head

This comment seriously made me laugh out loud! It was so unexpected to read that, haha! :) That's awesome. For real though, I'm really hoping for OP that it ended up being just a gag gift or something.. No matter what she looks like, if he loves her, it shouldn't matter. :/