By whovian / Thursday 25 December 2014 15:17 / United States - Gorham
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By  flashback_fml  |  14

Did she make you try it out in front of everyone?

By  nchic01  |  17

a whatvian??

  Bidnitch  |  3

A whovian is someone who likes bad television


"You dob't know abour The Doctor cause you're stupid."--Melody Pond

  buckstop1  |  34

And YOU don't know how to spell

By  Prismo_Feeds  |  9

Is it hard enough to use it as a screwdriver?

By  kingcaper817  |  14

Oh god. That's just oh god maybe someone needs to have "the talk" with your mpm

By  mewtwonow  |  21

Paint the dildo into a sonic screwdriver and zap it on gadgets. Remember it doesn't works on wood

By  drtoboggan  |  11

I wouldn't be able to complain cx

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