By Anonymous - 31/08/2013 20:52 - Norway - Nesoddtangen

Today, I had an asthma attack while in bed with my boyfriend. He interrupted my desperate coughing only to tell me to shut up. He then rolled over to go back to sleep. FML
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Asshole like him don't deserve to be in relationships.

What if he actually didn't know she had one ? Us guys can't read minds ya know -_-" For all he knew she was having an ******.

#31 - I never heard of an ****** sounding like "desperate coughing".

#31 this comment, coupled with your comment on the keyed car FML, makes me think you have absolutely no experience with women. If her boyfriend thought she was lying beside him, bringing herself to ****** (asthma attack/climaxing = VERY different), I don't know any blokes that wouldn't offer to lend a hand and join in....

#52.. He may have been referring to a different FML where the girl was about to ****** and began hyperventilating and the boyfriend covered her mouth.

Maybe he was half asleep And didn't know she was having an asthma attack.

#53 I highly doubt it. All of his comments that I've seen have been very stupid.

You need to get a new boyfrieend, someone who respects you op

lol nawww we definitely found ourselves a keeper!!

OP should secretly cough on his mouth while he's asleep

selfish boys like that only get worse as the relationship continues . he didn't even have the decency to ask if she was ok . my ex was like this . selfish and only cared when it benefited him . if that is the case and your boyfriend is selfish op , leave now it won't get any better . (at least it won't get better until he actually grows up !)

@2, You need to stop commenting the same comment on almost every FML.

Don't you mean EX boyfriend? If not, you definitely deserve it

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Her boyfriend was extremely rude. Although I don't think it was bad enough for them to break up, unless he does this to her on a daily basis.

He was probably not totally awake and wasn't understanding the situation properly. We've all been there where we do stupid shit while half asleep.

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An asthma attack can be life threatening yet he shrugged it off. Honestly he doesn't deserve her and she should dump his dumb ass. Hopefully OP is wiser when choosing her next bf, one that really cares.

There's always one of you people on any relationship FML, #4.

It's very possible that he didn't even know it was an asthma attack, and not just her coughing. I really hope that isn't his actual view on your asthma, OP.

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Wow how insensitive! I hope he apologised after!

or OP can just dump him for being a careless ******** .

Damn. Maybe he didn't know it was your asthma acting up. That said, it's still no way to treat someone.

Agreed, he could have asked if she was alright not tell her shut up.

When someone is coughing, you don't tell them to shut up. Him knowing it was her asthma is irrelevant...

No you don't tell them to shut up, you inform them as nicely as possible to "die quietly". You guys are completely overreacting to this. If my partner was coughing his lungs out in the middle of the night and it woke me up I'd say the same thing, only after whacking him with my hand in my half asleep state.

Seriously. Hes asleep, he doesnt know exactly whats going on.... My boyfriend has done the same thing while I had an asthma attack. He then fully woke up, realized it was an attack, and hurried to get my inhaler. And i know for sure that when im sleeping i have no idea whats going on, even if it's extremely obvious and i would respond in a way i wouldnt respond when im awake... Did that even make sense?

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What the heck haha why would that be a cause for breakup

"I think I'm dying!" "Pigs can't fly, shut the **** and and go back to sleep."

Wow. How did that mistake happen?? My vision is horrible... ***** up and.

Am I the only one who didn't even notice the mistake until it was pointed out?

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I thought the mistakes were part of the effect, haha.