By Brittany - 10/04/2009 20:07 - United States

Today, my boyfriend's friends were throwing him a surprise birthday party. I thought it'd be funny to get him some fuzzy handcuffs and a box of condoms as a gift. They never told me they invited his parents. FML
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Lol shoulda told him not to open it till he was alone then...YDI


hell ye that would be VERY awkward .

hahahahaha what did they say? that sucks though

Lol shoulda told him not to open it till he was alone then...YDI

easy & correct

That is so wrong what happened next??? i would have loved to see the look on your, your boyfriends, and his parents faces......priceless

why wouldn't they invite his parents?

of course his parents would come...its his birthday. well that sucks what did they say?

hahahahahah atleast there wasn't a whip in there.

even if the parents was not invited, why would you even do it with his friends????

I agree with #3.... this could have been a easy situation to deal with. You stash the present aside once you know his parents are there then open it later. I assume you could remember what paper you wrapped it in and pull it aside, no? Crisis easily averted.