Prank war W

By Anonymous - 20/08/2014 21:03 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my girlfriend took our prank war way too far and had a package sent to me at home. Confused, I opened it. It contained a dildo and a bottle of lube. I didn't know my dad was watching over my shoulder until I heard him choke on his coffee and felt it splash over my neck. FML
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cooltatgar 31

Lol You gotta adore a girl with a sense of humor. She sounds like a keeper.


I bet the dad plays pranks too. And he probably will joke about it for years.

There's no coming back from that in your dad's eyes haha, but got to admit she's a keeper.. Well you can still send a strap on and a small letter to your gf's place but as a Amazon luxury gift package with her best friends name as the sender so the chances are high that she'll open it in front of her family with a bang haha (but make sure to drop a call before she shout at her best friend) ;)

orbit 22

Lube it up and send it back with a thank you card and see what she says

Can't imagine the conversation after that....

cooltatgar 31

Lol You gotta adore a girl with a sense of humor. She sounds like a keeper.

SexyMexi21 23

You've got the best gf lol hahaha. how'd you explain that? lol I just faved that

i bet your dad didn't believe your explanation... "NO DAD IM NOT GAY I SWEAR MY GIRLFRIEND SENT ME THIS PACKAGE" "Sure son, you can expect me to believe that's not the only 'package' you're opening"

There's nothing like having some warm liquid spurted over your back while you're checking out your new ***** and lube.

Did your dad spit out his coffee because he was laughing?

No, he thought OP's neck might be thirsty.

cadillacgal79 32

Some girlfriend you got Are you sure she isn't one of the Jokers (Impractical Jokers) in disguise?

one of the Jokers would have given it to him in person. Or asked him to help bury it in the park.