By Malpal - 23/01/2009 11:03 - United States

Today, I tried jumping off my bed over the footboard. I tripped and broke a full length mirror with my face. FML
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Well she was obviously having a love affair between her bed and the mirror :P


are you okay? the face? screw the mirror. Your health is more important then possessions.

sugery can replace a busted face, but a broken mirror is bad luck! and there ain't no surgery that can fix bad luck!

yes, yes, your life is screwed but the fact that you told everyone on is making you even more pathetic. LOSER!

MissCharlotte_fml 26

That's kind of the whole point of this website.

Well the fact that you commented on someone being a loser makes you a bit of a loser too doesn't it?

I bet it would've been funny to see though... hope you're ok :P

Well she was obviously having a love affair between her bed and the mirror :P

It's the biggest tragedy since Romeo and Juliet.

10 points 4 faceplanting the mirrior

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Aaaaaaaaand that is why our parents tell us not to jump on the bed when we're younger. Dumbass.

Yeah, I did exactly the same thing... when I was 8...

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HAHAHAHAH doof and i have the same question as #6

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i laughed out loud at this one

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That was smart, eh? Hope your okay, though. I've tried something similar before; I was jumping over pillows in my mom's friend's living room, and I slammed my head into an entertainment center. I got 60 stitches in the center of my forehead. This was almost 10 years ago, and I still have the scar x(