By biglady - 17/02/2011 07:02 - Canada

Today, I downloaded an application for my phone that reads whatever you type out loud. I started making it say things like "You like it when daddy spanks your tight little ass don't you?" Just as the message was playing back out loud, my mom walked up the stairs. FML
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lionandthelamb61 9

Good going, perv.

And she replied, "no, but mommy does"


lionandthelamb61 9

Good going, perv.

Not really, everyone usually tries it once in their life with Google translate or something like that [:

hotscar 3

33, you type, " will Justin beiber ever hit puberty."

#1 goin* purvv.* and guud* :) io jost thot Io wold help u on yer terible spelin

jrtepechis 6

I did !

u dud wut..?

I had that. I didn't sit alone in my room and type things. around friends I did because it's funny saying things about other people. The iTouch 4G and iPhone 4G has voice over too. Good times.

@#36, get over yourself. That has NOTHING to do with the FML, and you're just trying to show off.

just ignore 36, she is an immature child.

mimiroxii.. just STFU

atomheartm_fml 0

mimiroxii reminds me of my ex. And she was vietnameeeeese. (no point)

maz255 10

mimiroxii- i like pie.... that is all

maiimpressivetit 0

you fail. :)

I was going to give #1 an up vote but I don't want to lose the 69 :p

atomicJ 0

someone needs attention haha

lulz hoes dos thut meeen shee naeds atention!?

Mewzakuro240 0

Doesn't daddy give her enough?

winner2013 0

lol that would be funny to watch

And she replied, "no, but mommy does"

prince122 0

lol good one.

lol good job. lmfao!

Win ^^

on the bright side, it wasn't your dad that caught you.

DearlyBeloved20 3


MrBrightside21 20

True story... Once, I forgot to delete my computer history. FML.

ToxixShots 0

Wow your a perv

ooookkk, why the hell did you say that??

itsssarahjane 0

that's just disgusting.

thats what you get for being a stupid whore

Hahahaha. But really, what a creepy thing to make it say.