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  Today, my boyfriend looked at me and suggestively told me to take a shower. He's leaving for two days so I humored him, thinking he wanted to do it in the shower. I waited for 20 minutes before he knocked on the door, telling me he needed to shower as well. He just wanted me to take a shower. FML
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  srunano  |  4

Actually #7 it mentions that she was showering and that he was outside, she waited and waited until he finally knocked on the bathroom door and told her to hurry up because he wanted to shower too.... no hard feelings just wanted to point that out ;)

  nyrangers1022  |  6

guys are allowed to turn down sex. actually jus a few hours ago i did. its almost 5am now, my gf woke me up at 2 and i said no. need to sleep for work, workin 50-60 hour weeks is draining

  xXLenaXx  |  0

Right. So when he told you to hurry up and have a shower, it OBVIOUSLY meant he wanted to come do you right away. You know, he was probably stretching or something and you just thought, "OH MY, he's sounding suggestive today. Better go get that shower!". Women like you read into EVERYTHING, and from that, assume a whole lot of stuff that the poor guy never had any intention of doing, then when he doesn't do it, you flip out instead of calmly telling the guy to do what *you* want in the first place and go post it all over FML. Guys aren't mind readers, and stop with the inferring/assuming/expecting. YDI.


Agreed 52. I never assume anything with anyone. It's also just setting yourself up to be disappointed. Were not living in the movie "What Women Want" where guys can read girls minds.

  EllyH  |  0

How is this a FYL?
It seems like you needed a shower and was not even aware of it!!!!
YDI. ><
poor poor boyfriend who has to point these things out for you.