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Today, I bleached my upper lip hair so it wouldn't be visible anymore. At school, for the first time, the guy I like came over to talk to me after class. Just as I thought he was about to ask me out, he told me how weird my "gold moustache" looks. FML
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Except for a few sagacious and understanding people here, I'm surprised to see how benighted some folks are. Saying "I'm gonna assume you're dark because you're Indian" is like saying "I'm gonna assume you're fat because you're American." No we aren't all dark, some of us have extremely light skin tone and brown hair. Secondly, some of the airheads here can't seem to accept the fact that all women have body hair and a peach fuzz above your lips isn't a big deal. How would you have felt if we shamed you for having a hairy stomach or a hairy back and asked you to wax them regularly? If you can't accept us women as we are, don't expect us to accept you in your natural form as well.

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Shave it every day or so, or wax it. You can also try Nair, but then you might end up with irritated looking skin. Laser treatment also works, but can be expensive. Up to you how you want to handle it.


You really don't want to shave it, as that will only make it come back darker. Waxing it is the best solution, not sure why op thought bleaching it would solve this...

Shaving doesn't make it come back darker, that's an old wives tale. All shaving does is cut off the end, it has no impact on the color.

It's not been exposed to light, so it does look darker.

It's been said but it bears repeating- that's not true at all.

Well, at least it's not as visible as it used to be :) Plus, I bet you look really pretty :)

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I've never understood why people reply to fmls like these with "I'm sure you're really pretty (:" like ... you've never seen them or ones about being dumped where the comments are filled with "you deserve better"s like they could be the biggest asshole in the world we don't know why so many mindless compliments on this app

Maybe it's less obvious from a far. That's what I meant

#8, maybe they're just trying to be nice to make OP feel better. It's not mindless, it's courtesy. Try it sometime.

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courtesy compliments just remind me of pity idk

Seeing as OP is apparently Indian, bleaching it would if anything make it stand out even more.

I'm glad someone finally said it, lol. The "You deserve better,"'s do irritate me some, too!

#8 that's why they say "I'm sure" instead of saying "you're pretty anyway"

And yet people get mercilessly attacked for making a grammatical error or a too obvious pun. FML is a fickle crowd.

Shave it every day or so, or wax it. You can also try Nair, but then you might end up with irritated looking skin. Laser treatment also works, but can be expensive. Up to you how you want to handle it.

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nair also makes a special formula that can be used in more sensitive areas like the face. you still have to be careful not to leave it on too long, but used as directed once a week or so, and I've never had a problem.

It was up to her, and she chose gold

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I have relatively dark skin in the summer, and dark hair, and I know from experience that waxing is way better than shaving. With waxing, you won't have to mess with it for a few weeks, and with shaving, it's a few days. Also, when waxing, the hairs grow back finer. Hope this helps!

Good news to op, lazer treatment through groupon isnt that bad. Only a couple hundred, but based on income it could be a lot.

In my experience, shaving is the best option. Do it towards the end of your shower so the hair is softer and you can get a closer shave, and so then you have to do it less often. Waxing works initially, but then when it eventually grows back you have to let it get a bit long so that the wax has something to grab onto. I've bleached my hair in the past, and because it's dark it turns yellow, as opposed to a lighter hair color on someone else that might be whiter. Not sure if that's your issue or not. And Nair has never worked right for me because my hair is so coarse and thick. Takes multiple treatments and then I end up with chemical burns, even using the sensitive formula. Just some food for thought.

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I'm jealous. i can't grow a proper mustache

Facial hair can be a blessing and a curse, whether or not you can grow it out well or not. At least you don't have to worry about looking like Grizzly Adams.

I'd take that over having to shave twice a day like I currently do.

it saves me money on blades but i have nothing to stroke when thinking hard

But the question is Do you have anything to think about when stroking hard?

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Should have shaved like a normal person.

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Just because you bleach it doesn't mean it isn't there. Shave it off. Or wax it, unless you want to be shaving every day.

might be better these days, but I always used to hear that waxing the fine hair above the lip could cause a pretty awful reaction; pretty sure I'd prefer a moustache over a moustache made of irritated pimples

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Girl just wax or thread your upper lip hair off. Bleaching makes it more noticeable often times.

I'm pretty sure she already knows that now - after all, the FML is about how her crush noticed it.