By sly - 25/10/2010 22:09 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to come over and surprise me. When he got to my apartment and heard the shower running, he decided get in and join me. I was walking my dog, my mother is in town for the weekend. FML
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well that's his side of the story. lol "I accidently showered with your mom"

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Sounds like a steamy situation that is about to get very sticky, very quickly.


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that's hot

bahahaha. that is too funny. well get a smarter boyfriend kiddo.

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so he went after the old bull ?

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"Today, I went to my girlfriend's apartment. I heard the shower running, so thinking it was her, I hopped in. Little did I know her mom was showering. FML."


the hell?!?! not the dog!!!


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he probably should have checked...just pointing out the obvious

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Agree with 66 but in a side note can I join lol.

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lol don't be surprised when you find your boyfriend and mom having sex.

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33- You should've wrote the fml from the mother's point of view. "Today, I was taking a nice, relaxing shower. All of a sudden, my daughter's boyfriend walked into the shower. He was hard. FML"

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The shower wasn't the only thing he got in! =]

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79- That's actually a win for any old bag...

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Why was your mom in the shower? Should have been in the kitchen making a sammich for the MALE dog.

38, Where'd the fourth person come from?

86, I think he meant the dog too... -_-

89, That is so nasty!

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*********** is wrong! a few days ago a freshman in my school apparently videotaping herself putting peanut butter on her cooch and having her dog lick it off. o didn't see it but uughhydtfuugb grosss

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MILF. ;D Ha.

nice picture of ur boobs

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85 - Will you marry me?

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98, 108, **********? I think that's what you mean. I'm confused. :l What's beastality.

ydi for having an attractive mom. dumb woman.

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its disgusting look it up on google ohbloodygore

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I remember the last time I took a shower, it was 2007 and man it was nice.

WTF lose weight

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Akward! haha that is so embaressing. I think I'm going to have to gowith YDI tho, you should have made sure before couldn't you tell by the clothes on the bathroom floor.

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132, the word you're looking for is ********** not ***********. *facepalm*

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161... just... stop... You make me fear for the human race.

ohhh i get it!

yes but let's be honest here your dumb ass had to look that up on google before you made the coment.

niiceeee, brah! :)

But she caught me on the counter (It wasn't me) Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me) I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me) She even caught me on camera (It wasn't me)

Shaggy! RikRok!

lmao that's greeat

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how would I message you with out a number

well that's his side of the story. lol "I accidently showered with your mom"

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haha win ^

i agree

whatta milff;)

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lol, maybe she was;)

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Sounds like a steamy situation that is about to get very sticky, very quickly.

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Psh, it won't get sticky. That's what the water's for ;)

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Possibly, but you know how the saying goes, "Semen is thicker than water."

No 30 we all know seamen are not thicker than water because they stay on top of water therefore less dense. Seamen are only thicker when they're dead. All seamen that don't get tranfered to another ship after they are shot of of their first ship will die quickly and won't be able to create offsring.

Good thing you weren't drunk

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Sounds like fun for your mom.

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eighth haha.

... :)

Well you boyfriend is obviously stupid enough to not notice someone elses shoes or even clothes in the bathroom?

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Shoes? In the bathroom..?

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who takes shoes into the bathroom to shower...?

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who takes shoes into the bathroom to shower...?

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Hey, #56--just to let you know, you double posted! It's okay...happens to the best of us! :D

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#61, sometimes the iPhone/iPod app prevents your comment from showing up until you've refreshed.

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#70: Oh didn't know that! Thanks for the info!!

What if the OP and her mother wear the same size shoes? If that was the case he may have seen a strange pair of shoes when he entered the apartment and just thought the OP had gotten a new pair or something.

What was he stepping into, a crime scene?

your gorejus haha just wanted to point tht out

Who was more surprised? More importantly, what happened next?

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I think we should use our imaginations on this one. Anything is possible.

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What happens next is OP returns from walking her dog. Tired, she goes straight to her bed room. It's dark, but she can make out a figure that looks like her boyfriend. Pleased, she undresses and slinks in to spoon him. As she fondles his manhood, she notices it's wet and partially inserted in.... To Be Continued

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That was extremely descriptive, RedPillSucks. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the sequel. Just, no.

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Aw, poor Doc, were you just desensitized to the world of literary ****? ;)