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  KingDingALing  |  9

33- You should've wrote the fml from the mother's point of view.

"Today, I was taking a nice, relaxing shower. All of a sudden, my daughter's boyfriend walked into the shower. He was hard. FML"

  jewban  |  3

beastiality is wrong! a few days ago a freshman in my school apparently videotaping herself putting peanut butter on her cooch and having her dog lick it off. o didn't see it but uughhydtfuugb grosss

  stephanie0613  |  0

Akward! haha that is so embaressing. I think I'm going to have to gowith YDI tho, you should have made sure before couldn't you tell by the clothes on the bathroom floor.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

But she caught me on the counter (It wasn't me)
Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me)
I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me)
She even caught me on camera (It wasn't me)

  dogcolon  |  0

No 30 we all know seamen are not thicker than water because they stay on top of water therefore less dense. Seamen are only thicker when they're dead. All seamen that don't get tranfered to another ship after they are shot of of their first ship will die quickly and won't be able to create offsring.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

What if the OP and her mother wear the same size shoes? If that was the case he may have seen a strange pair of shoes when he entered the apartment and just thought the OP had gotten a new pair or something.