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By foreveralone.jpg - 29/08/2012 20:51 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, I listened to my roommate and her friend struggle with their math homework for an hour. It wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that I'm a math major and repeatedly offered my help. They'd rather fail math than be around me. FML
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At least you offered! If they wanna fail, let them fail!

No, it means OP is intelligent in the mathematical field. However, you sound like a judgmental idiot.


At least you offered! If they wanna fail, let them fail!

boxbrandon11 20

leave and have a good time, then even better when they fail >:)

Are you kidding?? I'd accept that kind if help before it was offered!!

dsbs 9

Assholes as far as the eye could see

Exactly let them fail .... OP i've Been there, my buddies thought i was kidding that i am major in wastewater :D

That's their ******* loss not yours

Well, that's what happens when you're a dumbass (the roommate and her friend I mean). Watch them fail and then re-offer your help so you an rub it in their faces that you were right and you're the one they should be going to for math :)

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No, it means OP is intelligent in the mathematical field. However, you sound like a judgmental idiot.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Maybe if your mom loved condoms you wouldn't be here. Oh sorry that was mean ;)

LiterOfCola 16

Dare I or someone else be a grammar nazi on mr.condoms?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

You're* There, 24, I did it :D

You grammar nazis can all suck my dick. If you spend your time corrected on people's mistakes in their comments then go join a sport or something cause you need a hobby.

justonecomment 2

Lol 22- grammatical humor! And 2- OP is smart when it comes to math, you on the other hand should work on your English!

*because *Grammar Nazis It's a noun, you know.

Crap, why Mods? Why must you delete condom's second comment? WHHHYYYYYYYY!?

F***ckin grammar nazis get a life cause you clearly do not have one... Or at least not a good one.

vaughant 5

You're is you are, so your is correct if your talking about the "If your mom used a condom" one

56 I don't think you should be correcting someones wrong or right use of "your" or "you're" when you used it incorrectly.

That has to be the biggest Grammar Nazi failure I've ever seen. That's saying a lot considering the ridiculousness around here.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

56 is right though. How the hell did that grammar nazi get thumbed up? "If you are mom used condoms maybe you wouldn't be here." Yes that makes perfect sense haha. Only thing that needed fixed was punctuation.

He was correcting 2. His username is gottalovecondoms

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56 and 83 are the worst trolls I've seen all week.

22 - you are right. It happens to be an adjective where the noun in the sentence is your(though the wrong version) it is still a noun

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm going to get thumbed down for this as well...but 87..**** you buddy.

83 I do believe they were correcting number 2 not her because your makes sense there. But if you want to be honest I can be used both ways for both so everyone needs to back off everyone. We all have our opinions and some of them may stink but that's how it is. So everyone CHILL!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Okay, guys. #24 was asking if he should correct #2's use of the word "your" or if someone else would. My comment saying "You're* - there! I did it :D" was me correcting #2 in a joking sort of way while responding to #24. Hope that clears things up. ;3

Boy, when did FML become a high school. Everyone is arguing and trying to fix grammar. Why???

We Grammar Nazis, live by a code of honor to correct online grammar mistakes and to preserve the English language. That's why.

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So if a grammar nazi walked 3 mph to school and jogged 5 mph back, and the whole trip took one hour, how many miles is it to the school?

captainburke 5

138, I believe it is at most 2 miles to school. Your question didn't say whether sir nazi spent any time at school. If he did not stop at the school it should be 2 miles each way.

astralvagan 20

Yet you're still using the wrong word while trying to correct them....

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What is this world coming to ;/

Seriously, I mean who really wants to be a math major.

Apparently OP, and the thousands who major in math? Just a guess.

People who want to make a difference in the world I guess...

People who want a future and be able to get a good job/career? Nerds make money, dude. Stupidity doesn't get one very far.

59- So people who don't major in math don't make a difference in the world? 75-you don't need to major in math to get a good job and make money. Stupidity makes you a ton of money ex. Jersey shore and Jack ass. Oh and my original post was just sarcasm.

107, well excuse me. I guess I should have known you were being sarcastic. I just figured you were mentally handicapped. Which I still slightly believe.

I must be mentally handicapped because I'm not sure why you would resort to name calling. I didn't say anything rude or impolite, simply clarified that the comment was sarcastic. It's cool though hope you have a great night kid.

125- are you getting butthurt over a comment a 13 year old kid made? Oh, and I may not be a math major, but I am 20 years old, graduated college almost 3 years early, and minored in math. I make over 100k a year. What is the median salary in America again?

It's their choice! They'll just have to face the consequence

You might be a math major but sociology is probably something you need to study

Or maybe op's room mate is an ass-hat major.

Sociology does not teach you social skills. It's the study of society, not sociability. I'm hopeless with math, I wouldn't let a math major help me study simply because I'd be too self conscience of the fact I am ridiculously clueless with math!

Yea and I think you need to drop assholology

Aw. Don't worry, you'll probably be their boss someday. Or have a higher ranking job, at least.

PrincessesCrown 17

Nah, why would OP want to have such stupid people working for her?

Petepoop 6

Maybe they learned their lesson

Well that's their problem. You did what you could. Can't say you didn't try.

You should tell them the percentages of their chances of failing without you helping them.

103 Only if you and others make it weird.

103- Well, it's not a penis :P It's just a meme I made out of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the most amazing anime ever

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Well their success has tangent into the failure zone.

Are you sending me a sin that these are puns?

I don't get any of this cos I'm bad at math.

Now wait just a secant...what are we talking about here?

Well this thread took a serious 90° turn.

Why don't we continue this conversation over a nice, warm pi?

Conjugate me a fork for that pi? I Can't find one!

Shut up y'all in tryin to get a tan! That was lame....

That was by far the most awesome line of comments I have ever read anywhere

Sorry, I seemed to have intersected the line of comments

IgnatiusBaseball 21

Either you aren't that great at math as you think (but I hope you are if you major in it) or you are annoying...

Where did it say this person is not good at math? The FML said the roommate and their friend were having trouble with their math.

That's their problem, use that knowledge to get a degree and make the big bucks!