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Today, I sent my boyfriend a text asking him to come over a little later and have some "fun" with me. He texted back, "WTF babe? Breaking Bad's on tonight. You got a dildo, fucking use it." FML
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I agree, he could've been nicer about it, but if it's a show he's really really into and she wanted to be around him, she should've asked if she could come over and watch it with him. I can guarantee that if the finale of Grey's Anatomy was on and he texted her wanting to have "fun", she would have said no too.

She automatically like Grey's anatomy because she is female?

Actually I picked that show because I like it. Not because she's female.

yeah #71 . you should've said something like Scandal . not Grey's Anatomy lol . being a Scandal fan that's something I'll never miss but also that's why there are DVR's . I'll record it before I'm ever straight rude to someone . or .... I just won't answer the phone . :)

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Or say Doctor Who! Or Sherlock!!! Or.. Supernatural!!!!!!!

Or cliche fandom shows that aren't really that great because fans ruined them!

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Women in my area have lady-bonkers for True Blood..

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Ha! Meant lady-boners! Oh autocorrect...

Next time he wants to have "fun" make up a similar excuse

Why do people always feel the need to get back (it seems females do this more) at their partner? He could've said it less rude yes, but not having sex for a reason like this is immature and stupid. Shit like this is one of the reasons I'm glad I'm single.

Your view on relationships is very bleak.

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65- I agree about the revenge part it isn't necessary. but as far as that being the reason you're single?... I doubt it

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Well, The Walking Dead is popular enough for that type of backlash...

He was the first who had said "no sex today" just because a TV show was on. Why not to let him feel the same?

He basically told you to go **** yourself....

can't stop laughing. I am a horrible person.

@5 Oops thumbed down your comment by mistake! But that was ******* hillarious!

Your crime shall haunt your dreams forever!!!!

I wouldn't miss Breaking Bad for the world, but I have to agree that he could have been much nicer about it.

So now you can **** yourself *takes off glasses* Litterally

Boo this man! (Hands out rotting tomatoes and cabbage.)

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Forget the tomatoes! This situation calls for pitchforks and torches!

#32 No thanks, I'm full, and boy are my arms tried. #7 QUICK! I'm holding 'em off with a terrible joke. Run away while you still can. I'm meaty so I can take the nibbles, but you're just skin and bones. RUN, BOY! RUN!

I feel like someone just said this exact same thing.....

I love breaking bad I would say the same thing but way more nice.

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Another thing is proven that he doesn't care of you. Dump him. FYL.

I wouldn't jump straight to dumping him, but if he speaks to her that disrespectfully often it is a red flag to watch out for.

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here's the thing.... Breaking Bad was ending forever..... Sex will be there another day.... I wouldn't say dump him...

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Don't remind us.. No more meth :-(.

Thats too cruel. Breaking Bad is gone now. Forever. All Eternity. (tears up) But sex will be there. Mabye you couldve gone to his place WHILE he was watching Breaking Bad.

Wouldn't they have had a replay of the episode the next day though?

249 - You've obviously never seen breaking bad. You can't just WAIT a few days

The world doesn't revolve around you...

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Why does everyone think OP is complaining about being turned down for sex? It's obviously about what her boyfriend said. If not, then she would have just post "Today, I didn't get to have sex, because my boyfriend chose the Breaking Bad finale over me FML."

exactly 150, I don't think OP is complaining about being turned down, I think she's complaining about the rude language he used.

Uh I'd say the same thing and I'm a woman. You don't get it cause your obviously not a fan. Who asks for sex during the finale????!!!! She obviously doesn't listen because he would have mentioned it like 5 million others! OP is the heartless one not paying attention to him. Correct my if I'm wrong but he said you a have a ******* ***** and in fact it is a ***** you ****. I'm just sayin'

He shouldve let you over and had sex while watching breaking bad

(Loosens tie and wipes sweat off forehead.) That sounds hot, continue sir.

That's why doggie style is the best. You can both watch "Breaking Bad" at the same time. :P

If she isn't interested in the show, then a ******* is the way to go.

Calm down there annie, it's not like it's his birthday! :P **Flashback of your posted FML**

You have quite the memory there! That was posted almost a year ago lol.

Oh yeah, my memory is amazing. Unfortunately, I tend to remember more than I care too. :P But your FML was extra funny so it was easy to come to mind when you wrote about a BJ. (:

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even if she does like Breaking Bad, a ******** is still a good idea.