By drixxy - 29/8/2012 15:01 - United States - Irvine
Today, my car was towed for the second time in front of my own house. They tried to tell me it was because they didn't think I lived there anymore. The person who had it towed had just spoken to me not three hours before. FML
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Lol, I knew I was going to get thumbed down I just felt bad and wanted him to know I was sorry and I didn't mean to thumb him down... yea I'm weird and realize everyone probably thinks I'm an idiot so I should probably shut up now.

  tygerarmy  |  35

And I would call the better business bureau, even if I wasn't charged fees. The car is not in a tow-away zone and no one called it it. The guy/company has horrible business practices.

  Kimitte  |  1

Uhm, OP's the one getting his/her car towed because they think no one lives where OP lives, but the person towing OP's car spoke to OP earlier. Re-read the FML :)

By  kimg0885  |  23

Maybe if I didn't live in the run down house with the dirty ass car parked out front this wouldn't happen. I would be pissed too if I lived near you. Try mowing the lawn and washing your car. The neighbors hate you because you make their property value decline. I have a tiny penis.


Your account wasn't hacked. Either Alan, Didi or Sirin moderated your comment, most likely for saying something stupid and inane. They just made the mistake of assuming you were a guy.

  DocBastard  |  38

Kimg - Your account has been hacked? Uh, no dear. That comment is under your name, so you clearly wrote it. Maybe you were temporarily insane, or maybe you actually have a tiny penis. I'm not judging you, though A_TEEN probably is.

  kimg0885  |  23

No, actually after calling my husband I found out it was him. He thought it would be funny, obviously he doesn't get it. Sorry guys. Ps I told him to get his own account so we can all thumbs him down!