By drixxy - United States - Irvine
Today, my car was towed for the second time in front of my own house. They tried to tell me it was because they didn't think I lived there anymore. The person who had it towed had just spoken to me not three hours before. FML
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Lol, I knew I was going to get thumbed down I just felt bad and wanted him to know I was sorry and I didn't mean to thumb him down... yea I'm weird and realize everyone probably thinks I'm an idiot so I should probably shut up now.

  tygerarmy  |  35

And I would call the better business bureau, even if I wasn't charged fees. The car is not in a tow-away zone and no one called it it. The guy/company has horrible business practices.

  Kimitte  |  1

Uhm, OP's the one getting his/her car towed because they think no one lives where OP lives, but the person towing OP's car spoke to OP earlier. Re-read the FML :)