By drixxy - 29/08/2012 15:01 - United States - Irvine

Today, my car was towed for the second time in front of my own house. They tried to tell me it was because they didn't think I lived there anymore. The person who had it towed had just spoken to me not three hours before. FML
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Sounds like they have a personal problem with you. FYL

adamjohnson 5

Clean up around your house so it looks like you live there


Sounds like they have a personal problem with you. FYL


I'd MAKE it a personal problem. Shoot their car with a shotgun. Repeatedly. And then claim that you thought it was a deer. Problem solved, Dick Cheney style.

lukep135 6

That would cause more problems than solve.

Probably! Or the person must have a bad memory!

Stupid neighbors seem to a problem for many people.

Take it as a complement! They want your car :)

p3mguin 7

Short term memory loss.... SUCKS

Stick a nail under their tire. One for each tow should solve it

adamjohnson 5

Clean up around your house so it looks like you live there

adamjohnson 5

Or don't park in the street park in your driveway

25- If you get towed, it's probably because you were parked on the street. I don't think many people get towed from their own driveway

Correction: I meant 24, it showed up as 25 when I posted the comment.

Some people have to park in the street because they have no driveway.

Or it could have switched back to 25, arghh. I give up.

I'm probably gonna get thumbed down right now but 31 I didn't mean to thumb you down.

Lol, I knew I was going to get thumbed down I just felt bad and wanted him to know I was sorry and I didn't mean to thumb him down... yea I'm weird and realize everyone probably thinks I'm an idiot so I should probably shut up now.

yaya1213 6

who says OP's house was dirty?

adamjohnson 5

If they didn't think he lived there anymore the house must have looked abandoned and dirty

adamjohnson 5

32- I don't know anyone who doesn't have a driveway

94- Me and everyone who lives on my street have no driveway. Lots of people don't have driveways.

laoxo16 10

noo make it messier so it looks like you do stufff in it

64 - you obviously are an idiot so why don't you stfu?

Lemme guess... People are gonna say that if they don't bring your car back you must sue! Sue them for everything they have...

Well at the very least the ass that keeps getting the car towed should be paying the fees.

And I would call the better business bureau, even if I wasn't charged fees. The car is not in a tow-away zone and no one called it it. The guy/company has horrible business practices.

Because if your car was unlawfully towed and you were out a few hundred you'd just let that go and move on right?

omgitsshorti 5

That's not good. I'd make them pay for the towing.

CherryLipBalm 1

Are you that forgettable? That's a sign to work on your people skills, OP...

OP is the one getting towed not the one getting the car towed

Uhm, OP's the one getting his/her car towed because they think no one lives where OP lives, but the person towing OP's car spoke to OP earlier. Re-read the FML :)

PYLrulz 17

Turnabout is fair play. Get the ****** back and get THEIR car towed

When it happens (sadly quite often) that there's just NO reasoning with some people.

TheDrifter 23

Subtle. I'm sensing that you're not well liked in your neighborhood.

You must be a real dumb ass to let people think you don't live in your house anymore

Plant some flowers or something so it looks like you live there!(:

Agreed! If people think nobody lives in your house, there's probably a reason.. Make it look like a home! :)

Tell the person they need a psychiatric screening, preferably one that includes an amnesia test.

RedPillSucks 31

or have your psychiatrist hit them with a screen door. It's just about the same thing, right?