By Annoyed - 28/10/2011 20:25 - United States

Today, my boyfriend's mother told me she bought the same perfume that my boyfriend got me for Christmas last year. He loves that perfume. Now, whenever he smells me, he's going to think of his mom. FML
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Oedipus complex anyone?

Hopefully his mom is sexy.


Hopefully his mom is sexy.

Thats gross!

LiyIa_fml 8

I don't get what is so bad about this FML. ._.

NinaTatianna 9

or maybe whenever he smells his mom, he'll think of you...

ric4rolz 0

Time to get new perfume.

...kind of depends on where you spray it...

LiyIa_fml 8

I dont get what is so bad about this fml. ._.

Wait, since you got it before his mom did, wouldn't it be the other way around? He's going to think of you everything he smells his mom? . . .

wintamint101 7

or whenever he smells his mom he'll think of you

65 that's exactly what 23 said, read the comments before you post.

Yeah i totally agree.. Since you wore that perfume first, he'll think of you everytime he smells it.. Take it as a compliment gal! =)

65, that's exactly what 23 said. Read the comments before you post.

Either way, he'd make Oedipus proud.

13FTW 9

I think I know what 77 was trying to say here guys! He's a clever one, but we figured him out ;)

Oedipus complex anyone?

Sigmund Freud FTW

Actually, it would be more of a Jocasta Complex since it seems the mother is trying to attract the son and not vice versa. Source: CSI Las Vegas

SimpleMinds_fml 7

His father will cut his penis off though!!

Oedipus was the first motherfucker!

mrbendystraw 0

Wincest originated from Sophocles

51 I don't know if you've learned since that's been your picture but its che Guevara GE helped Castro take over and is for some reason used as a symbol for free expression something he did not like just thought if you wanted to know I'd tell you

Get a different perfume?

cradle6 13

^Honestly that's completely unnecessary. Perfumes/colognes smell very differently on different people since they mix with a person's individual oils and pheromones. That's why you're supposed to try on colognes/perfumes before buying them

slushpup9696 12

An intelligent, thoughtful comment on FML? It cannot be!

Or vice versa… although that is creepy. Guess she wants to feel younger or maybe she feels like shes losing him to you. So anything to get closer

redhedsaysrawr 18

Or you know, maybe she just liked the smell of OP if she's around a lot...

It's not that bad, he just wants you to smell nice.

Creepy...well maybe he'll only be sexually attracted to it when it's on you

Bow chika wow wow

Whatchya gonna say?

JinxosGirl87 0

Brown chicken brown cow ;)

I have a hard line Tex can use. Bow chika bow wow!

I find that unlikely..

CmarieMC23 3

Just wear it when your not around him, like at school or work or something so he doesn't get totally turned off by the fact that you smell like his momma ;)