By shitty candles - 01/12/2014 07:30 - United States - Issaquah

Today, I dug out the 5 fancy, extremely expensive candles I bought during Black Friday. I lit one up, and was delighted that it smelled so great. My mother then walked into my room and stated that it smelled "like shit". The other four were going to be a Christmas gift for her. FML
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Why would you buy extremely expensive candles anyway?

At least you got them on sale? Maybe try and return the other 4


At least you got them on sale? Maybe try and return the other 4

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Don't call people out unnecessarily. That statement could be said completely differently with and without the question mark. One is a blank statement, one is sympathetic, with a rising inflection when spoken.

Yeah, and why would Patrick Star try to correct someone? IT'S AN IMPOSTER!

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I thought most stores had a policy about not returning sale items.

Most being the keyword. Not all, maybe OP was lucky and bought it at one of those few.

The ****? If I can't spell a word wrong without everyone getting their dicks in a knot, then he can't put a question at the end of a ******* imperative sentence. 0 to 100 real quick bitch.

keep them for yourself then. or give them to other family members or friends.

Why would you buy extremely expensive candles anyway?

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So op can burn a hole in their pocket.

JocelynKaulitz 28

I'm guessing OP didn't shop for Black Friday the right way if she bought expensive candles.

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All, I guess you better get her something else and save those for yourself. Sucks that you wasted all that money though... and that you opened it, since most stores don't accept returns once opened...unless they were individually wrapped. **EDIT** I didn't see the other posts until I hit refresh.

If you don't want to give them her you could return or sell them? Sorry OP

Shitty and expensive. Sounds like modern art.

I'm not the only one that thought this

I suggest getting her a new present

llamarrama01 21

And here you thought the candles would light up her world.

Sorry OP. People like different things, and I'm sure if she knew that she was getting the same candle for Christmas she wouldn't of made the remark. More for you!

Give them to her anyways then make her feel bad till she lights them