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  Axipiter  |  24

Thank you 23. I sometimes feel terrible for actually using it. Especially when I look at the back of the bottle and see how it's supposed to attract girls to complete douches. But Phoenix and Jet I actually use. But I only started using them because they were named for things that fly... Yeah, I probably have some issues...

  sunshineb81  |  16

#4 exactly. Say it very nicely though. That's what friends do. Got something in your teeth after lunch? Your friend will tell you. You need to tell the man he smells bit strong and should use less of the product. It's the nice thing to do.

  shyeahh_fml  |  19

I definitely feel that she should tell her boyfriend, but it may or may not be that big of an issue. Except for the axe...
But my sister used to tell me that I sprayed way too much cologne every morning and that she could taste it, in the hallway, through my closed door. And I'd do one spray of Hugo Boss every morning, so it's not really possibly for me to spray less.
So I guess my point is that it may smell stronger to some people and he might not be using very much to begin with. My cologne smells strong to my sister, but I tend to get compliments on it from everyone else.


Not only middle school.. In my high school some of the boys carried 3 bottles... I don't know if they are immune to the smell or what but they would suffocate all the girls in class

  JazNim17  |  18

Ah, middle school..... the days when I went through a period of frequent, serious migraines (the kind that cause nausea and double vision). The cause, according to the doctor? Strong cologne. The boy who sat in front of me in science class literally was making me vomit with Axe.

  notabeachbabe  |  13

yes it does. Middle schoolers think that it will make them irresistible or something so they use a can a day lol I don't think that they understand that it has the opposite affect.

  MissStephanie  |  10

If there is any smell that could bring me back to middle school, its definitely Axe. It was the absolute worst when anybody would bring that shit out on a crowded school bus.