By hdgyfjdzdfg - 16/04/2012 06:53 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me I smell like his grandma's house. FML
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Maybe her house smells like flowers! :)

Maybe his grandma's house smells like team spirit and he's telling his girlfriend he loves her as much as he loves Nirvana. :p (Okay, bad joke, apologies....)

Or baked cookies. Grammy always makes nomy cookies. Yay.

Yeah I thought this too because mine don't smell funny- at least they didn't last time I sniffed :s

OP didn't give us enough information to say whether it smells good or bad.

Perhaps, fragrances of sweet fond memories of days long ago?

Reminds me of that car commercial with the girl going on to say how she smelled like her grandma every day she went to school. She liked it. Apparently you don't like the smell of grandmas. What gives?

Grandma smells like Victoria's Secret Bombshell.

So you smell like menthol and Ben Gay?

You made my very boring day, DocBastard( No offense, NoorFML, but you were funny also ;)

so you smell like bengay, baby powder, moth balls, and dust?

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Your grandmother's house must suck, then. My grandma's house smells like flowers, cookies, and pepper. Quite a nice blend.

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So, is that a good thing or bad thing?