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Today, I learned that several thousand people in my state got tickets this month for driving and talking on the phone. My mom called to tell me this while I was driving. I'm now part of that statistic. Thanks, mom. FML
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Your mother didn't make you pick up the phone whilst you were driving though. YDI.

You shouldn't have picked up the phone. YDI


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Why? Its his fault for answering the phone, she might not have known he'd be driving.

How logical...

What the hell dude? Whenever I get a call on my phone, I either a. Pull over and pick it up or b. wait until I stop because it's illegal. He made the decision to do something illegal not his mother.

You never know if it was an emergency phone call and what if there was no way he could have pulled over or stop. It's his mom. If she wasn't in any trouble then yes he could have said "mom I'm driving can I talk to you later", in stead of continuing the conversation so it goes both ways I guess.

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Thanks Mom? No. Thank yourself. It's your own fault for answering the phone, OP.

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I agree! It's his/her fault!

It doesn't matter if it's illegal or not. It's flat out dumb to do.

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I don't know about you guys but my mom ALWAYS picked up my calls no matter where she was. Never got mad etheir even if it was to say. So I will never ignore a call from my mom, EVER.

Your mother didn't make you pick up the phone whilst you were driving though. YDI.

If you really need to answer the phone, pull over and answer it. Don't put yourself and others at risk, too many people have died due to others' stupidity.

It's rather sad that society has come to a point where people can't go 5 minutes without picking up their phone, even if it means putting people's lives in danger.

One word for ya man. Bluetooth. Phones got it. Cars got it. We can make this work.

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#33 i agree. It should just be common sense to not touch your phone during driving, a law should not be necessary.

68 - That statistic is irrelevant to the fact that he got a ticket.

Am I really the only one went the other way? Instead of telling me when I can answer a call from a possibly dead relative, let's make it ten times harder to even get a license. That way all the people who can't handle multi-tasking won't be trusted with a multi-ton machine that travels 100 mph. Just sayin

spekledworf 18

nothings worse than those who text and drive

89 - I don't think that's fair on the majority of people who happen to sensible drivers. I'm an excellent multitasker but I still refuse to answer my phone when I'm driving. There's no point in taking that risk because I've worked hard for my license and I've paid a lot of money towards driving lessons etc.

tifani322 13

So you've never used your phone for any reason while driving..?

No I haven't. It's not safe and it's not fair that because of my actions someone else has to pay. As well as 68- ignorance is no excuse to break the law. If you don't care enough about your country to know and follow laws, especially ones that put people at risk, then you probably shouldn't live there. I'm not saying go out and memorize your criminal code, I mean learn the basics, like don't hit others, don't steal, and don't talk on your cellphone.

89- no matter how good you are at multitasking, when you are driving you are handling a dangerous weapon that can kill innocent people. You wouldn't talk on a phone while waving around a loaded gun, would you?

89 and 98, sorry, I'm not debating anything either of you said, but the concept of humans "multitasking" as computers do baffles me. It's not actually possible, as soon as you start a secondary task, you automatically lose some of the focus from the primary task, whereas computers can allot less than their full potential to the primary task, leaving it alone when a second one is started. Sorry for the minor rant, it just always bothers me when people use that term incorrectly.

89- I know what you mean. If I had a dead relative calling me I'd want to answer it too.

Not to be insensitive or anything but if a relative died, picking up the phone whilst driving wouldn't change that. They'd still be dead. So, it wouldn't matter if you waited a minute to either pull over or wait until you've reached your destination. You could make it so much worse if you picked the phone up and got yourself killed in a big accident, then there'd be two dead relatives for your family to grieve about.

101- don't talk on your cellphone? Like at all or just when doing something? Haha. I get the no talking on your phone while driving...I don't do it. I ignore every call or text till I'm done driving. But seriously now...if you don't care enough about your country to know the laws? When did this become about patriotism? Telling people they shouldn't live in their country if they don't know its laws is redundant...half of any country's population would be gone. If you want to call people out on their lack of common sense then great...but it's probably best to make sense when you do it.

68- It doesn't matter. If OP knows that it's illegal, then he shouldn't be picking up in the first place.

Bullshit you know you all use your phones while driving. Who are you kidding? And she answered the phone... Not texting and driving...

You could be a perfect driver. Even on your phone. It takes less than a second for a driver not as perfect as you to make one simple mistake that could be the difference of you focusing 100% on the road and avoiding it. Or you focusing on what is being said and end up closing 2-4 lanes of traffic. Dead. As for texting watch one of those AT&T commercials. Those scare the shit out of me.

Yeah OP is probably like 16 & still living at home. Imagine not answering the phone & paying for it later when you get home. Think about it both ways guys.

#89 I'm pretty sure if the relative is dead, they ain't gonna be phoning you...I don't think zombies have the manual dexterity to use a phone...or the conversation skills

It saddens me on how many people reply on this comment who text/call when they're driving. Many with the excuse "What if a relative has died?" Really, you guys? If every time you pick up the phone while driving, you expect a relative to have died? It really is a bad excuse. Just admit that you can't leave your phones alone and/or don't understand the dangers well enough. And also, don't think you are one of the few people who can multitask, that just seems to be an arrogant excuse to point fingers to other people, who make the same mistake as you. Sorry for my rambling. A friend of mine died a year ago, because someone was calling while driving. And his excuse for calling? "I picked up because I was afraid a relative had died". So think of this next time you pick up the phone while driving. It might not be your relative dying or getting seriously injured, but someone else.

172 - Imagine them picking up the phone and paying for it when they get home after they ended up crashing daddy's car. I think it's better to just tell your parents that you were driving at the time of the call and then they'll trust you more with being sensible. I'm 18 and a fairly new driver and I never pick up my phone whilst driving and because of this, my parents trust me to go out more in their car.

Ok, its way too late to defend myself but for those who'll see it, I actually have answered a call while driving for a dying relative. My grandfather died less than five min after I walked in the room. Obviously not every call is going to be like that, but it does change the way you think of it. If I hadn't answered my phone I never would have been able to say goodbye to my grandfather.

151 I think your comment made my iq go down.

209 - Not to be rude or anything, but that's really stupid. Having passengers in the car is not the same as talking on the phone. For starters, you don't necessarily have to talk to your passengers if you don't want to. Then there's also the fact that you still have both hands free with passengers in the car whereas you only have one if you pick up a phone. Also, you can always ask your passenger to pick up the phone for you. The other day when I was driving and my phone rang, I asked my friend to pick it up for me and talk to my other friend. If anything, passengers are more useful than distracting. But if they ever do distract you, you could always ask them not to.

You shouldn't have picked up the phone. YDI

Your profile pic goes perfect with that comment

jayellef 3

That's exactly what I thought when I read it!

U cant talk on the phone while u drive in NY?

Apparently not.

I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose.

Or did she call the cop to go after her child in the first place? Payback. But for what...

rampersaud 10

I like your picture

HerroMaylaHerro 6

76-We may never know

Please please PLEASE tell me that profile is not you

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You have only yourself to blame, OP.

Karma's a bitch

I don't mean to be a douche, but please look up the definition of "karma". Thank you in advance.

Op didn't KNOW about the law, so its not his fault.

It's just common sense not to drive and talk on the phone!

007type 26

Are you ******* kidding? Ignorance of law is no excuse.

He didn't say that he didn't know about the law and either way it is the responsibility of each person to know the laws of the country they are in. It's completely his fault

Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break the law.

Ignorance is not a valid defense. Edit: ...and so said several other people already. Damned anti-flood...

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in any state.

I was pretty sure 7 was just being sarcastic....right? :S

Well, if you don't let anyone know about this new law you've just made, and then start punishing people for breaking it, then it's kind of an excuse.

Justy101 23

112 - Except we're talking about being on the phone whilst driving. I'd say that there would be a very small percent of people who don't know that law.

Oh I saw the sarcasm in this right away. Shame on you all!

Actually 131, you can still talk on the phone in Wisconsin. Just no texting.

You'd think it was common sense, right? Yet everywhere I go, it seems that zoned out drivers are talking on their cellphones while driving around aimlessly.

KilljoyParade 4

I agree with the comments above mine. Telling an officer that you didn't know you were breaking the law will not stop him/her from give you a ticket.

So if I rob someone and say I didn't know it was illegal it's okay? Lol, it's his responsibility to know the laws.

then why'd you answer?! don't blame her for your mistake

There seems to be an epidemic of people blaming their mothers for their own foolish actions. It's time for you to put on your big boy pants and take responsibility for your own actions.

And for God's sake, no use crying over grilled cheese!

You shouldn't of answered the phone YDI

justonecomment 2

*have. Seriously? We're adults now! And maybe OP thought it was an emergency.

007type 26

18- there MIGHT have been emergency, and he MAY have pulled over. Or atleast use a bluetooth device or hands-free.

Turtle_rebellion 10

Why the hell is he getting thumbed down? The comment right before this one said the exact same thing.

He's getting thumbed down for saying "shouldn't of".

51- This is FML, where the golden rule is, "Say it well, or not at all." Grammar nazis have field days over this sort of stuff. ;)

justonecomment 2

29, how I phrased it was correct. How you phrased it was also correct. So I'm not quite seeing the point of your comment!

I've seen people killed talking or texting while driving. Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

^ My wife used to be a paramedic (now a nurse) and she's pretty animate about the no driving and texting/talking on cells rule. After hearing about some of the messes she's arrived to on the side of the road where they could have used a squeegee more than a stretcher to deal with what was left of the person, I'm sold on that one. :p

#74, I'll upvote you and let you know the word you wanted was adamant. Although, the thought of your wife being super animated about that law is pretty funny.

78- Lmao! Adamant was definitely the word I was looking for, but that somehow didn't translate well from one part of my brain to another! Apologies! :D

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I agree doc. Usually when you're drunk driving the reason its dangerous is not because of not being a careful driver but because your reaction time is slowed. When one doesn't have their full attention on the road their reaction time is also slowed

I've been to several serious wrecks involving cell phone use. The thing that pisses me off the most is when, and I don't mean to be stereotypical here, a younger female is talking nonstop on a phone while we are trying to evaluate them and they get pissed off at us and the police for disturbing their call. The call that they are continuing from when they were driving and caused said wreck.

I'm sorry, I've must have misread it. Your mom made you pick up the phone while you were driving?