By Anonymous - United States - Winston Salem
Today, I took my driving test. As I was about to turn at a green light, a car sped toward us from the other direction, running a red light. My instructor failed me because I stopped to avoid getting rammed. Apparently I should have kept going, because it was my right of way. FML
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  K410  |  18

Same shit happened to me too when some jackass ran a stop sign and nearly t-boned us... It's a miracle how these people are on the road -.-

  amDes  |  11

I would have also made the point that if you were turning left, then the car who ran the red light would have hit the instructors side and he could have died. You are in other words the hero and saved their life so they should stop being a dick!

  misskay007  |  1

<sarcasm>No, EVERYONE knows that op should've kept going then slammed on her horn repeatedly, duh. </sarcasm>
I moved to North Carolina from PA in January, and I can't even begin to tell you how many cars I've seen go even when the light is red (I've seen anywhere from four to six cars go at once after the light has turned red)- so, OP you're going to need to get used to shit like that. Also, you're going to want to prepare yourself for people cutting out in front of you, cars driving without their headlights on (in the dark and in stormy weather). From what I've seen, there's too many people who text/fuck around with their phones while they're driving, so just keep being a cautious driver and good luck, hopefully you'll pass next time.

  TrinityisLife  |  22

lol, my manager moved here to NC from PA. O_O Maybe you're her..........

Anyways, some of the DMV people here are awesome, some are asses. I was failed on a 3pt turn because I adjusted my car to avoid the curb and didn't back up straight. Got to love it.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

42 - I live in Montreal, where drivers are notoriously unpredictable. My instructor said the same thing, and to ALWAYS look and be aware. Saved my ass in a few close shaves.

  nurchok  |  15

OP, I believe, the whole point of getting driver's license is to understand that what is meant to be a means of transportation can also be a weapon. Choosing the safest route/aka avoiding trouble and retards is always the best thing to do, so I couldn't agree more with everyone in this branch of responses. Report the ass. Good luck and hope you pass next time with an instructor that is interested in your and others' safety rather than his wallet...

  aeonsoul  |  12

Yeah, I was taught not to enter an intersection until it was clear of opposing traffic. And to drive defensively. Who the hell takes a turn because they got right of way, knowing they're going to get hit by an asshole running a red light?!

  Alyxi  |  20

#100 I've seen someone do that just to get the insurance money to replace the car purely bc no matter hat it's the one running the red light's fault. Stupidity getting rewarded.
OP you did the right thing and I Hope you have taken everyone's advice and reported him and are given another chance to take your test soon. We need more careful, smart drivers out there!


You have never worked in retail then. We are the worst people, we just can't show it because we need our jobs. As much as we want to beat the shit out of people for every "if it doesn't scan then it's free!" joke or bitching at us for the price of something you saw on a sign that doesn't exist, we sit and smile, thinking "it's not worth it... yet..."

  TheDistance567  |  10

Just wanted to mention that the DMV doesn't give the final test in every state. In Virginia you need to pay a company to take a driving course and the instructors there give you the final test. But other than that, yeah they are bitter.

  150493x  |  29

I feel your pain #48. I've worked in a supermarket. Someone complained at the price of an orange and claimed it was cheaper elsewhere. But the things you explained in your comment are exactly what I've experienced/felt.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I would think you should be able to fight that... They must have a Drivers Ed court or something :P
But seriously, that instructor was way wrong and should not have been able to fail you for that. Actually, you should have gotten bonus points for being a safe driver even when others around you pose a danger.

By  BeRT2me  |  13

Sign of the times... My dad had the exact opposite happen to him. Avoided being hit by a car the instructor didn't see, so he was passed on the spot.


My second and first test I used the emergency break to basically drift away from an accident. Failed the first passed the second. It just depends on how the instructor values the written law, and actual driving skills.