By ashleyyyy - 28/10/2011 15:59 - United States

Today, I was pulled over for going the wrong way on a closed highway. The construction signs pointed me in that direction, and the cop agreed that they should be fixed. Did it stop him from giving me a ticket anyway? Nope. FML
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Take it to court. That's what you do

The_creator_fml 2

Ma'am, you do realize your going the wrong way right? What? how do you know where I'm going!


Take it to court. That's what you do

Agreed, take some pictures or a video of the route you drove before you take it to court, someone either put the signs up in the wrong place, or someone moved them

s3xymoma 1

Fucking right I agree. ^

#1 you're stupid as hell

End of the month = piggies scrambling to meet ticket quotas

If you have to miss work maybe, otherwise it is free and worse case they will prolly reduce the fine.

They don't have quotas

^ not all.... But by the way this little piggy acted... He has a quota to fill lol

Here's your sign. "Follow this sign to meet a douche"

That's the only thing to do! Good luck

I'm so mad that that happened to you. Woman are the best drivers!

Women can't drive for shit

Women can't drive for S#1T

xXPurpl3Xx 0

23- That's What She Said. :D

Yep, take lots of pictures and videos of the road and signs an take it to court.

You must be a real ugo ashley

blackheart24 10

Man that's messed up! I'm sorry, but cops effing suck!

Most of them do, but not all of them.

BeautifulxChaos 9

I would take it to court.

Ya and argue that the cop put the sign the wrong way!

crazyrunnergirl 7

Haha this would totally happen to me

Sounds like he was trolling you.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Nah, he was just making it seem to his boss and the public like he's doing something useful. It's unfortunate that a lot of cops ticket and arrest people for nothing just so they can pretend they're worth more than a pile of goat shit. How will it help society to ticket a person for something that isn't even their own fault? How will it help the person avoid similar situations in the future? Oh wait, it won't. Look at the bright side, OP. At least it'll help the cop meet his quota.

CommonSenseKarma 17

It's hit and miss with traffic cops. My dad having been one, he'll tell you that there are some dicks who think it's a competition: man with the most tickets wins. But they're not all like that. Don't make generalizations, people.

80, you're an idiot. Do I néed to explain why?

Weed should not have been put in that category.

Stonedmanalex 0

80- You obiously have no understanding on the effects of weed, Do alot more research on what you talk about. You seem like a cool dude and Im not trying to be rude, but whenever you bring up weed you sound ignorant as if you had no knowledge of it and only listen to what the media says.

90, despite the thumbs down on your comment I agree wholeheartedly :D

Well.... That cop is an idiot....

melikeyturtles 3

If OP was the only person on the highway then she should have been a bit skeptical. Still should take it to court though. Cop sucks for giving a ticket anyway.

Egnar 19

Minor inconvenience - Does it suck? yes. But don't sweat the ticket. Chances are the cop is on your side but was trying to fill a quota knowing full well that once it gets taken to court you'll end up having the ticket dropped. Just mail in a Not Guilty Plea and go to court - It'll cost you a few hours of time but you won't have to worry about the $100+ ticket fee and $50+ court fees once its dropped. Either the DA will drop the charges right there when you talk to him or the judge will once they hear from you and the officer. But, make sure when you talk to the DA that you give them your side of the story and the officers verbal agreement.

The_creator_fml 2

Ma'am, you do realize your going the wrong way right? What? how do you know where I'm going!