By badboyfriend101 - United States
Today, my boyfriend was continuously telling me how great my best friend smelled the other night and how I should wear some perfume that smelled like that. I have the same exact perfume and have been wearing it for months. FML
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By  chasing_adalia  |  0

Then I recommend telling him, "Oh sweetie, that sounds FABULOUS. I'll wear it if you go pick me up a bottle..." Next bottle of perfume that you know you love is on him! Haha.

By  cs68507  |  0

Maybe you aren't putting on enough and/or not in the right places. There are some girls who know how to make perfume stay on them all day. Then there are some who put it on and it disappears.

By  Loe_307  |  0

Could also be the amount you wear but probably like others have said, the reaction. Of course if you don't take a shower and toss on some perfume, that's not gonna work out too well. :P