By nooneinparticular - 21/05/2020 08:00

Today, I realized that I get turned on by my girlfriend's perfume. My mother started using the same one. FML
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incest is wincest


Compromise and find an alternative.

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If you can, tell your mom that that's the same perfume your girlfriend uses, and offer to buy it from her so she can buy a different one that smells just as good, but not the same as your girlfriend's. You can even go with her and buy it for her after smell testing into make sure it's not the same one. Then thank her for being so understanding. but... that advice would be better if covid-19 wasn't still a thing... ok, other advice. Find good smelling perfume that your mom used to wear, or likes and offer to rebuy one or 2 bottles of those or a different smelling one of the same brand and do that online. Hopefully someone you know who you aren't attracted to has perfume that your mom likes too. If she knows it reminds you of your girlfriend and it's making you feel awkward or confused, I'm sure she'll feel weird using it and will be more willing to switch.

Gamer4life31 1

incest is wincest

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you in trouble my man