By Anonymous - 04/01/2014 23:13 - Canada - Hamilton

Today, my boyfriend met my parents. Within minutes, my dad managed to verbally sever his balls and reduce him to tears, "just for fun" apparently. FML
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All these FMLs give me good ideas for what to do when my future kids start dating.


If you can't handle it then I'm sure in the fathers eyes, the guy isn't good enough. And if you can have your balls verbally severed then you aren't much of a guy to begin with.

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Don't bring your boyfriend around him ever again, "just for fun".

There is a button to vote on the fml. First comment jitters got to you unfortunately. :(

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OP is probably not going to tell her parents about her next boyfriend. I know I wouldn't.

15- it sickens me that you claim to "love and study psychology" yet don't even take into account another human being's emotions. Guys don't have as strong of feelings as girls but we're still human and feel every emotion girls do. If anything, crying every once in a while and actually showing your emotions makes you more of a man because you're not afraid to get in touch with your "sensitive side", so to speak. Don't be so quick to think less of someone simply for being human and automatically think you're better than them.

#48 had the right idea. Luckily, no one noticed my, "sensitive side" when I saw the movie "Frozen".

15 you are lucky to be a guy, otherwise I would've verbally bitch-slapped you into oblivion.

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#18 He wasn't voting. He was commenting that the boyfriend's life is also ******.

Screw you and your generalizations 15. A guy is allowed to have feelings and in this case the dad was probably so abusive that the guy broke down. That isn't fun, that is ******* bullying.

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Well, at least he didn't eat them...

Wow. Your dad really did have your boyfriends balls to the wall if he was able to do that within minutes. I guess growing a new pair is no longer an option either when it comes to your father.

I don't think your Dad should do that to your bf. Tell him to show you, his daughter a bit of trust in the fact that you have good taste in a boyfriend and you don't need him to emasculate him. Unless you are under sixteen, then he can help you... But not by reducing the poor guy to tears.

TheDrifter 23

Perhaps she has horrible tastes in boyfriends and her Daddy bringing him to tears was the closest thing to a respectful thought the boy has had in years? That said, when someone comes into my house pants sagging and pretending to be hard, I too like making them cry in minutes, just for fun.

All these FMLs give me good ideas for what to do when my future kids start dating.

sourgirl101 28

Doesn't work. All it'll do is encourage your daughters to date leftover scum that don't get intimidated by asshole fathers. Raise your daughter to want to date a good guys and setting up a great relationship with her! "Fathers, be good to your daughters Daughters will love like you do Girls become lovers who turn into mothers So mothers, be good to your daughters too"

This would just lead your kids to dating behind your back. So, it wouldn't do much.

Yes,making your daughter/son miserable because of your own insecurities is such a good idea.

SuperMew 22

I hope you mean "good ideas" on how to treat them with respect and not alienate your children. I never understood how you could raise a child for 18+ years and just throw it away with some asshole behavior.

skyeyez9 24

Then you will have a very sneaky daughter who will date behind your back and be good at lying. Sneaky kids end up getting pregnant. It will also put your daughter or son in defensive mode, automatically defending their bf/gf and alienate you from your kid.

Your father was asserting his dominance. Classic move.

If there was any urine involved, it would have been quite a sight.

Nickb55 16

Dads are supposed to do that!

make their daughters boyfriends cry for fun? no, that's just cruel...and a little sociopathic...

It's pathetic that he was able to do that at all seriously I've never seen a grown man cry just by words from another grown man

30, I have reduced grown men to tears just from words. A weak sheep is the easiest prey for the wolf.

8 and 30..but mostly 30; everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you're trying to make yourself look or seem tough then you're doing it wrong cause the only word that popped in my head when i read your comment was pathetic.

You should probably have a talk with your dad to not be such an ass

Should have atleast given him a chance.

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Tell your dad that he's being an asshole and that you're boyfriend doesn't deserve that kind of abuse.

Maybe your dad was pointing out that you shouldn't date such wimps who A. can't stand up for themselves. B. can't take the pressure. C. cry.

SuperMew 22

I have dated men who lived by the standard "I am so manly I don't cry, show three emotions, and am not a wimp." But you know what? **** it. I was so sick of being the only one trying in the relationship, having someone unable to connect with me on an emotional level, and feeling like I was constantly in the middle of a dick flex battle. I dated a guy who would sometimes cry when he was stressed, told me all about his emotions, and didn't mind forgoing sex for cuddling. And the reaction I got from people was "he is a wimp" and "he needs to grow a pair." He was the best boyfriend I have ever had and sadly we drifted apart, but became great friends. I would be so lucky to date a guy who is honest about his emotions.

It's one thing to have emotions and show them to someone you trust and another to break down and cry in public

#34 Exactly. It's ok for a dude to cry in certain situations but in the fml case here, not at all.

SuperMew 22

I feel like that is a bit unfair. Maybe Op shared things about her boyfriend and the father used them to his advantage? Not everyone is able to deal with a barrage of vile insults. Just because he cried does not mean he is a wimp or deserves to be considered less than a man. I think Op needs to have a nice talk with her father about this behavior and not bring other men around. I feel for the boyfriend, if it had been a girl crying no one would be saying anything.

Speaking as a dude there is nothing another dude could say to me that would make me cry

Lol sorry but if you think men who cry when a stranger talks to them in a derogatory manner for a few minutes are "sensitive" you are way off base. Men like that are complete children who still need mamas teat. A guy should be able to stand up for himself and those he cares about, if he can't he isn't much of a man. Also a guy can be sensitive without being a wuss, OPs boyfriend just sounds like a wuss.

Uhm coming from a girl, your comment kinda made me wanna slap you so maybe you need an attitude check.

14, so just because op's boyfriend happens to be male that means he shouldn't be allowed to show normal human emotions? Wow. What a pleasant person you must be. I'd much rather be with someone who can actually show/tell me how they're feeling, as opposed to someone who refuses to do so in order to be "manly".

squideth 18

Wow there are so many insecure sexist boys here haha. How cute, maybe you'll grow up some day, kids, and realize that men can show as much emotion as they want and still be men.

Ummm, ok I get that guys should say how they feel my bf does but I also don't want my dad to just hand me over, to dads they're little girls are like gems and aren't going to hand them over easy, and yea making the bf cry wasn't nice but you have to see it from his pov, he may of said it was for fun but he's just being a dad, personally my bf would just play back for the fact he knows how my dad is. I think op should of told her dad to back off but the bf should of been informed of how the dad is.

Tell ya what if a "boyfriend" of one of my nieces or female cousins came over and was such a pussy that he started crying over the shit we talk about every new boyfriend.... He would be immediately rejected as an insecure POS not worthy of being a member of the family. This chicks BF sounds exactly like that type of wuss.