By . - 05/08/2016 16:57 - Germany - Neuwied

Today, I had to hide some Oreos inside my bra to motivate my husband to get close to me. FML
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Oreos and ****? Doesn't get much better than that


Oreos and ****? Doesn't get much better than that

salmanch 15

Lol I'm not going to lie I had to read that again to get it. Nice pun btw!

I know how it feels. I'm not sure pesos oreos will work for me at this point in our marriage :(

Having an Oreo that was dipped in breasts is better than an Oreo dipped in milk, though they are very similar.

jcash52426 5

Isn't that uncomfortable? Why not lose the bra and cover yourself with whip cream

I'm uncomfortable thinking about all those crumbs!

Use it. It's OK to use food and objects to spicen up your sex appeal.