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Today, I got a text from my girlfriend. After only having sex once, where I wore a condom and didn't even get to come, she says that she's pregnant. FML
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If she is pregnant, cheating is likely the reason. But, especially if she's young or inexperienced, she may not actually be pregnant. She may be a few days late, feeling emotional, craving something odd, or any other pregnancy symptom and jumped to the conclusion. It's pretty frequent. I can't count the number of times I've had friends tell me they thought they were pregnant out of panic or to get attention and it ended up they weren't.

Next thing you know shes heavily pregnant and claiming that op slept for 7 years and is the father of all her children

Definitely need to get a test done before freaking out, dude. One for pregnancy, and then one for DNA if she actually is pregnant, because it sounds highly unlikely that she would be.

rickyblair 16

She actually could be pregnant from him although it's highly unlikely. It's more likely that she cheated though.

incoherentrmblr 21

It's Jesus!!! The second coming is happening...

Why bother with the DNA if OP didn't come and was using condoms? If she is really pregnant then that means that she straight up cheated on OP and didn't paid attention to her sex ed classes. I feel sorry for OP

I think you are the one that should brush up on sex ed. Just cause the guy doesn't cum and used condoms, doesn't mean the girl can't get pregnant. There's sperm in precum, so sperm can be present without cumming fully, and condoms don't protect you 100%. With the right conditions, a faulty condom and sperm present, the girl could still be pregnant with OP's child. Although it is unlikely and the more plausible idea is that she cheated.

Since OP didn't know her up, she must have been pregnant earlier.

Have to say your profile picture fits somehow perfectly with the comment. :D

JocelynKaulitz 28

She obviously wants you to be her baby's daddy! Seriously though, it's really unlikely to be yours, but theoretically possible. Good luck!

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#11. you need to go back to sex education class... it is possible to get someone pregnant without ejaculating.

Not to mention just because you don't feel like doesn't mean you didn't discharge a little, it happens, it's part of it cleaning itself... Not to gross you out or anything.

oneofthosegirls_fml 11

#11 Really??? Can't believe you haven't gotten someone pregnant yet with that logic.

While it's possible, it's highly unlikely unless there were some swimmers up there from last time. Otherwise, you aren't *supposed* to have any sperm in pre-ejaculate. The condom just makes it even more unlikely.

yea but it a 1 in a 100000 chace with a condom

#11 , You need to change your username.

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Haha believing pre Cum has no sperm will get you at least 5 or 6 kids! Hope you make enough for child support

skyttlz 32

First of all, pre-cum fluids can have sperm so it is possible to get pregnant without ejaculating. Secondly the odds with a condom are about 1 in 100 hence why they say 99% effective.

Forgive my ignorance here. I'm not trying to make an argument. It was my understanding that a condom only wouldn't work if it broke. So if it's fully intact then someone can't get pregnant? Or can they come with small holes sometimes that allows swimmers through?

Very true. That's actually how I got pregnant in high school (I lost the baby at 6 weeks though).

graphicstyle7 17

Actually, there is such a thing as "pre come" which is when a few drops of spoo come out before the big event. But still, he was wearing a condom. I'm thinking it's pretty unlikely she's pregnant with his child.

Pre cum contains sperm too.. Even tho odds are slim not impossible

whiskeygirl321 4

Pre ejaculation has more sperm in it than actually cumming..

My head hurts sperm is what causes pregnancy so no sperm no baby

That's nothing to joke about... Look on bright side OP, least it's not your kid

I'm betting OP sure as hell hopes so right about now.

Plot twist. She did it with someone else but is shifting the blame onto you.

I'm pretty sure the plot is already there.

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Reminds me of the FML where a pregnant girl tries to convince a guy that he impregnated her then passed out for 7 months...

StompinOnCrayons 15

Maybe OP should nip out to celebrate with some wine... and not return.

Apparently, she don't always use condoms

broken condom pre cum that would be the only way which is highly unlikely


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HisHarleyQuinn 14

The pill is faulty to begin with. I was super careful, and still got pregnant.

Plus, many women can't use hormonal birth control because the side effects are intolerable.

When I first started the pill, I was on bedrest for about 8 days due to awfully persistent nausea. The pill sucks.

If the pill is giving you problems, you can go to the gynecologist and show the pill that gave you bad side effects and they'll prescribe you one that should work better for you. There isn't just one "pill", there's a bunch of different ones with different formulas, that have different effects on every girl. There should be one that will work for you without side effects (or at least without terrible ones), you just need help from a doctor to find the right one.

HisHarleyQuinn 14

I, for one, am on mirena now. Despite all the lawsuits, I haven't had a single issue out of it, and it's doing it's job as birth control. I got pregnant on mononessa, and I did call and inform my doctor that I was having weird symptoms and I didn't think it was working properly. She told me to just keep taking it and she would re-evaluate me in a month. Despite that and condoms, I was pregnant about two weeks later. My son is living proof that birth control doesn't always work. He was just meant to be here. Couldn't live without him now. :)

sailorarctic 22

some women can't take hormonal birthcontrol. I can't because I have chronic migraines and my OGYN daid the risk of stroke is too high with even low dose hormones. my only option is condoms.

Just to point out, you can get someone pregnant without ejaculating. It's unlikely though, especially with the condom... but it is possible.

there is enough sperm in pre-cum to impregnate a woman.