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By  Kiebland  |  0

Don't worry about it too much. Same thing happens to my sister all the time. Do you know how many dirty looks we've gotten in restaraunts when we inject her with insulin?

  Icestorm875  |  9

What I never got was: if they see you injecting something unknown into her, and they find it suspicious, why don't they speak up? Call the police or call over a waiter. And if they know what it is, then why the dirty looks? It's not your fault the girl needs insulin.

  Mads_1234  |  28

Oh my gosh, that happened to me all the time before I got an insulin pump. I never understood why someone didn't just stand up and say something.
OP, if you thought it was an armband, why do you tell her you liked her iPod?

  Coolaidegirl  |  18

As a type one diabetic for the last decade, I personally have e stopped caring what people think, mainly cause it's none of their business. And 9 don't feel bad about the nosy people in restaurants they are just jerks sometimes

  MiLM  |  37

I hear ya, #9. But what can you do, am I right? I, personally, just stopped giving a fuck & whenever I'm eating out in public, I check & inject (I don't use the pump) regardless of who's watching. Someone got a problem? Deal with it. I wanna live.

By  skeez_fml  |  0

i would always get yelled at by teachers for having an mp3 player in school when it was just my insulin pump. you get used to it and come to expect it when in the company of idiots, so i'm sure she didn't take offense.

  MiLM  |  37

Lol yep, but on the other hand, they get horrified & ask too many questions when they see your injection pen (let alone seeing you using it) xD