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Today, my boyfriend went to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. All I could make out from the door was mumbling, until profanities started flying. My boyfriend shouted "well she's a SINGLE bitch now!" and stormed out of the house. My dad still refuses to tell me what happened in there. FML
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paulinec213 3

Well if he was so quick to say that about u...maybe this is for the best?

They probably were playing Mario Cart. I always get pissed off when I play that.


paulinec213 3

Well if he was so quick to say that about u...maybe this is for the best?

Maybe the dad told the boyfriend that his daughter cheated on him?

gree_fml 11

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast!

It must of been something horrible he said for you boyfriend to behave that way. Parents forget that when they are gone their children should be settled...should be if they want that. Really they have no right to dictate how your life goes unless you're a minor. Sorry for you OP. I hope it works out for you and your man.

beddington 7

Well, I'm thinking maybe it was more like the dad was trying to get this guy away from his daughter, so he sympathized with the boyfriend, calling his daughter a cheating bitch to throw the boyfriend off; hence the apparent emphasis on the phrase "single bitch".

95 - exactly what I was thinking. Why else would the emphasis be placed on "single" and not "bitch"?

Maybe the dad said something like "she thinks you have a small dick and she will never marry you" maybe that's why the boyfriend shouted that. You never know.

wat nonsense !!!! y would any dad talk like that about his own daughter... u must be out of u'r mind to blame it on her dad... FYI her bf is the one calling her names... one who is defending his girlfren would never call her a "bitch".

yup!!! the one who calls u names, doesn't respect u... I understand something might have happened that pissed off ur boyfren but that doesn't mean he can divert his anger on u. If you don't wanna be a punching bag for the rest of ur life, my advice is.. move on. U definitely deserve someone way better. btw.. Its ur bf's loss not ur's.

Why do people purposely misspell and leave half the letters gone from a word? Anyways if the dad cares he will say what happened or the boyfriend will if not better now the later..

Because dad's love their daughter's that's why. If I thought that my daughter was in an abusive or potentially abusive relationship I wouldn't wait for the guy to put her in the hospital if he gave me an opening like that then you damn well better believe I would trick him into dumping her. I would have talked to her first about my concerns but some people have blinders on. Her mom has a history of abusive relationships and I can see her potentially being at risk. So yeah sometimes you go that extra step. Plus it's infinitely more effective than a shotgun.

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flutter4 7

What if he dad told the boyfriend she was cheating on him or something like that. So it might be the dad's fault and not the boyfriend. She did say she does not know what was said in there.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's a pretty damn broad statement 2. Who knows what went down in there. Being a male and knowing how a lot of girls fathers are, it's very likely that the father made up a story or threatened him. I don't know, you don't know, we all don't know what exactly happened.

She might need a better dad depending on what happened

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I know you missed a period..ahh I'm sorry haha I just couldn't help myself. Did it for the sake of humor rather than just to be a dick/grammar nazi.

peachyFML 17

I fervently hope that was in the name of humor and not you trying to be a Grammar Nazi. There are so many mistakes in your comment.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

My apologies I didn't mean to insult the good ol' grammar nazi community. I'm not a grammar fiend that stalks the comments looking for my next fix. I'm more of a sarcastic asshole. And it looks like I did my job!

No one deserves to be dumped like that. Sorry OP.

I'm curious if the BF actually said it to OP or had her dad deal with it.

oj101 33

I burst into tears reading this. And I'm a guy.

120, you're going to be okay. I'm in shock too. Maybe the girl was hiding something that was life changing and the dad asked if he is willing to handle that for the rest of his life? None of us will ever know but that was a shitty thing to do to the girl.

Well from context the bf said it to the dad. And it sounds more like the dad said bitch and the bf was just replying in anger to it. But that's just how I read it.

Well this is easier than the apparently pre-destined divorce you would've had, considering how fast he gave up on you. FYL, OP.

Has anyone considered that maybe OPs boyfriend was planning to dump her, and that the mumbling was him asking the dad for help, and that this was done to try avoid hurting people's feelings?

He might have not given your boyfriend his blessing. Sorry OP, talk to your (ex)boyfriend for answers?

I don't see why the boyfriend would dump OP just because he couldn't marry her.

They probably were playing Mario Cart. I always get pissed off when I play that.

kattylizbeth 19

40- I swear, that's all I can manage to hit! Lol and never the cubes.. ):

Inheritance 10

Damn bullet bill always flying past me like he own the track. -.-"

Are we not going to talk about the banana peels?! I will never succeed in missing them

He should have started singing the mario kart love song if that's the case.

The worst thing is when you're in first place then fall or get pushed off and suddenly in last. And the red shells. God I hate those. I think everyone does.

wlddog 14

I always enjoyed the super mushroom. That thing was more fun than anything, but it ALWAYS ended up with me screwing my jumps up.

lexi365 20

Does anyone think the squid that sprays black ink is pointless?

Inheritance 10

Most pain in the ass thing is when you're first, then someone sends the flying blue shells and red shells simultaneously.

Those red shells are the devil! I HATE them.

iloveryan052710 8

Haha. How did OP getting dumped turn into a full conversation about Mario cart?

KiddNYC1O 20

Lmfao... Also COD. Picking a new host... Waiting for players... Connection lost. Argh!

I'm pretty sure you guys already know this, but when you hear a red shell coming, drag a banana behind you, and it'll hit the banana and save you! :D

^ Or punch the person next to you in the face before they can throw it. Works for me.

The newer Mario karts are cool, but my personal favorite is the N64 one.

115- I laughed so hard at your comment. A thumbs up just wasn't enough.

Worst combo ever: being in first place, getting hit by a triple red shell barrage, then a blue shell ... right next to a gaping crevasse filled with lava/nothing.

That's nowhere near as awkward as being hit by your own green shell

It's a bit rude for your dad to not tell you, doesn't he understand the importance of a relationship?

If you're an adult, you can get married without his blessing. He doesn't need to ask your dad first.

It's just being polite. It's just something that really gets on the dads good side and I think it's a sweet gesture

Agreed. I've never understood why that outdated custom still exists. If it's truly about respect for your SO's family, then why don't you BOTH go discuss your wishes with EACH partner's WHOLE family?

unknown_user5566 26

17- That kind of ruins the proposal, if the significant other wants to make it somewhat of a surprise. My husband asked for my dad's blessing, and my dad really appreciated the gesture. I don't think that practice is necessary by any means, but it does make a good impression.

ideasrule 13

"It's just polite"? Then why doesn't the mom get asked? Why doesn't the girlfriend's parents get asked? No, it's highly sexist and implies that the woman is her father's property. In order for her to marry, her dad has to agree to relinquish control of his property to another family.

26, this OP knew about the (ex?) boyfriend asking for her dad's blessing, so no surprise there. Not everyone wants a surprise anyway, to judge by the number of FMLs where a guy got (deservedly, most likely) rejected for pulling out a ring without at least discussing the matter. Might just be my personal opinion, but I think it's much nicer if a guy treats me the adult I am and asks for MY blessing before getting my father involved.

unknown_user5566 26

30- First of all, the girlfriend's parents DO get asked. That's the whole point. I don't think the gesture implies anything about being the father's property, in MODERN times. 35- That's why I said "if" they want it to be a surprise, and there's no point in asking for the girlfriend's "blessing" instead of the father's; that's called a proposal.

38, I do think 30 went a bit overboard, but it's also pretty hard for me to get past the property-trading implications of the gesture that were in place only 150 years ago. I also think 30 meant to ask why the BOYFRIEND's parents aren't also consulted, which, all things truly being equal, is a good question. You're marrying into his family, too; if you really want the parents' approval, you should ask both sets.

Oh quit with your "it's sexist" crap and just accept that OP's former boyfriend was trying to be formal.

raraisbang 12

49, in my personal experience, the boyfriend generally tells his family he wants to propose before asking the woman OR her father, so usually they kind of are asked for their blessing first. Idk about where you're from but that's how it is around here.

katburton13 2

My parents are divorced so my fiancé asked both my mom and my dad. It's not about the woman being property but rather a tradition that shows respect.

Psych101 9

30- While I have no idea what gender you are, don't you think that you might want to drop if you're arguing against several FEMALES? You're saying that it's sexist towards women, yet several women disagree with you. Let them fight their own battles if they think something is unfair towards them.

26 my husband did the same thing. My dad really appreciated it as well. It's just a really nice gesture.

I asked my wife's dad,l and mot for their blessing after 4 years of dating. They where excited but also very glad I asked and earned a lot of respect from both them and my wife. It's not required, but dads eat that stuff up.

70, I'm from BFN, Colorado, and I don't know anybody who would think it's anything other than mystifying to ask the woman's father before you ask the woman. Sure, the guy might tell his family before announcing his intentions to hers, but why can't she bring it up with her own parents? In OP's case, hearing her boyfriend's proposal and then telling her dad about it (fighting her own battle, in other words) could've spared her from this whole issue. 87, I know you weren't talking to me, but I am female, and I find the tradition sexist and degrading by virtue of being so heavily linked to a time when women were seen as property. We've come up with so many modifications to weddings and the ceremonies surrounding them. Why not tweak this one so that it's a more comfortable distance from the bad old days?

BTW, 69, look how well that formality worked for OP's possibly former ex.

McNerdyNerd 8

The whole 'property' thing is an old custom. Now it's just polite. I would want my fiance to have asked my parents (both) blessing not for the 'trading', but because they would have good advice. Parents are supposed to look out for and want the best for their children.

SApprentice 34

I consider the practice to be a sexist old custom from when women were their father's property. If two people choose to get married then they can go to see each other's parents together to inform them of what they intend to do, but not to ask permission. If you love and respect a woman you shouldn't undermine her choice by asking her father if you can have her or not. In a lot of areas of the world women are still property, just objects to be traded and bought, why should we still be practicing any of those derogatory customs? It's viewed as respectful only because it's a social custom, but just because something is traditional doesn't mean it should continue. I am a woman, and I do not belong to my father. It would insulting for my fiancé to ask my father for permission to marry me. That's just one step away from paying him for me, as far as I'm concerned. When my fiancé and I got engaged, we informed our families together. They were, and still are, very happy for us.

To EVERYONE that's bitching bout this, if you think the practice is sexist then go ahead and tell your significant other about that. Who are you to tell someone that they shouldn't be allowed to ask their girlfriends father for his blessing? It's not your life. All of you are trying to shove your opinion down everyone else's throat and NOBODY GIVES A **** because no matter what you say, they will think whatever they want to think. Drop it. Jeez.