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Today, I took my girlfriend to meet my parents. My dad thought it'd be hilarious to act surprised and ask me if I'd already dumped the girlfriend I introduced him to yesterday. She slapped me and stormed out of the house before my dad could tell her it was a joke. FML
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  tantanpanda  |  26

No, in the GF's eyes, this will seem like the dad is now trying to cover up for what he accidentally said. The family knows and we know that it's a joke, but the GF will see it as them failing to hide the fact that another girl came back with OP the other day.

  SMHsohard  |  22

25 & 39:
You just validated what I said in my comment. Since when is an acceptable "instant reaction" to slap someone? Back in the day, flouncing out of the room did it when you wanted to make a dramatic exit.

  brand125  |  17

39 - damn woman like you who think its alright for a girl to slap someone on an instant reaction make me SICK. if the guy slapped the girl you wouldnt be saying that. i hate woman like you guys on here.

  myanichole  |  22

Actually, I meant running out not slapping. Sorry that wasn't specified in my last comment. It was meant for 18 anyways. But for 55- again I mean running out and getting away was an instant reaction, people were saying it was immature for her to run out but no. Also don't assume I'm like that. I wouldn't slap my boyfriend, and he wouldn't hit me. I'm not for physical violence. But if it was in self defense either gender could hit either gender not just girls hitting a guy so just don't. ?

  brand125  |  17

56 - if thats what you meant then i apologize and you are right. (it was posted right after the slapping comment so it looked like it)
just nevermind me then :)

  Gillett  |  23

56- & 60- You guys are awesome! Seriously not sarcastically, if more people could admit that something was taken or of context, apologize to each other and come to an understanding the world would be a better place. I respect you two! Much love for that.

By  cactusprick  |  19

Hopefully she'll be willing to listen to your explanation about how terribly bad your dad is with jokes and trust that it was only a joke ahahah best of luck to ya, OP