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  sumguyonFML  |  0

wow 93. take it easy. I hate people like you that attack people at first sight and think their right just because they were more aggressive. some people in the world DO (whether your brain can handle it or not) have different views and beliefs. I sleep with my girlfriend too, but im not gonna bash a chick for thinking otherwise. have some respect you arrogant shit.

  holymolybro  |  0

Omg! :D! OP, yay. Also, did you punch him back or perhaps cause him pain? Because my limbs flail when I sleep. i've actually punched my sister in the face and elbowed my dad in the spine and neck.


That's such bullshit it's not even funny. Do you know any bodybuilders? They'd kick your ass in a second. My fiance is a gym rat and goes 5 days a week, same with his best friend. His best friend has kicked more guys asses than we can count and my fiance has come pretty damn close if I hadn't held him back.

Another example of ignorance in today's world.

  Prankster7o7  |  5

#59, Just because someone is a bodybuilder DOES NOT mean they know how to fight, since a lot of bodybuilders are pansies, who think they know how to fight just because they have big muscles, now I'm not saying your husband can't fight, I'm just saying a lot of them can't.