By lily389 - 21/03/2011 05:02

Today, my boyfriend had a bad dream that a horse was biting his fingers off. He punched the horse in the neck, and in real life punched me in the spine. Twice. FML
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should have shoved a carrot down his throat after the first time


I as well did the action of loling. This goes to show how horse are Just So ******* Epic

This reminded me of the amazing horse haha

why were you even sleeping with him when he's just your boyfriend?

are u kidding 90? grow up. or if ur already an adult, step outside the church for a bit and get some fresh air.

wow 93. take it easy. I hate people like you that attack people at first sight and think their right just because they were more aggressive. some people in the world DO (whether your brain can handle it or not) have different views and beliefs. I sleep with my girlfriend too, but im not gonna bash a chick for thinking otherwise. have some respect you arrogant shit.

so, were you biting his fingers??haha;)

At least he wasn't dreaming the horse was biting his dick. lol

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Damn. I was gonna say that... OP, by fingers, did you mean dick? Never give someone a ******* while they're sleeping.

lily389 0

haha no, but I'll keep that in mind. and I wasn't actually biting them, he was sleeping on them so they were going numb.

the OP commented!!!!!! WOOT they commented!!!

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Omg! :D! OP, yay. Also, did you punch him back or perhaps cause him pain? Because my limbs flail when I sleep. i've actually punched my sister in the face and elbowed my dad in the spine and neck.

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Forgot to put the whole point of that story, so here it is..They hit me back.

Was the horse a gift and was he looking into it's mouth? That explains why it would be biting his fingers....

Nice six pack. You remind me of a guy with a huge gut that tattooed a six pack of beers on his stomach.

that's a real mans pack. Let's stick it to all those gym junkies with their health and stamina.

denbeste 3

#15 six packs are for *******... every gym guy is a pussy, trust me. They always run away from a fight. Always.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, I might be the only one who got that.

ReynshineCutting 10

That's such bullshit it's not even funny. Do you know any bodybuilders? They'd kick your ass in a second. My fiance is a gym rat and goes 5 days a week, same with his best friend. His best friend has kicked more guys asses than we can count and my fiance has come pretty damn close if I hadn't held him back. Another example of ignorance in today's world.

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#63 you're a very shallow girl. hope your pussy of a boyfriend dreams of horses. kidding, I'm not that mean, but you're still shallow.

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#59, Just because someone is a bodybuilder DOES NOT mean they know how to fight, since a lot of bodybuilders are pansies, who think they know how to fight just because they have big muscles, now I'm not saying your husband can't fight, I'm just saying a lot of them can't.

Ouch, poor thing. Next time tape pillows to his hands or something :P

She should pretend to have a nightmare later in the week. Then she could punch him in the nuts... Twice.

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I see what you mean. But if he doesn't feel guilty, then I think it's fair for a bit of payback.

lily389 0

oh he felt pretty horrible.

Tonight, kick him in the nuts and say you were dreaming that a deranged monkey was humping your leg. :D

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