By anonymous - 27/02/2010 16:06 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were asleep. Evidently, he was dreaming about being a UFC fighter, because, out of no where, he grabs the back of my head and punches me in the nose. I haven't been able to breathe right out of my nose all day. FML
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OP, you should dream about being in a tag rope contest and pull his dick as hard as you can. haha.

I'd like to see an FML where nobody chooses YDI. Honestly, someone explain to me how OP deserved this; it's not like OP punched him first as far as we're concerned.


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wow that sucks! n noone cares if ur firsr

well, at least he can punch. maybe he has a future in UFC

asianwolf 2

lolololol. you just made my day!!!

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i'm sure you blue balled him at one point in the relationship..this is karma

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He dreams about punching you. This is a sign. Listen to it.

I would beat the shit out of that dude for hitting a woman

well now you know what you'll be "dreaming" about tonight as well.

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break up with him. you shouldn't hit girls, intentional or not.

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you are not the FIRST to have bloody nose!

i havent been able to breath throygh my nose since i wz born

why thankyou:) #4: how could you not breathe out of your nose since you were born?

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I think it's called breathing through your mouth.

I love it how people are so lonely they try to pick up girls on a random fml comment. lmao

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Uh...this isn't a dating website? I thought FML stood for For My Love. **** my life. Back to TWI for me.

OR, they like to inform people that they are pretty and make them feel good about themselves.

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exactly. nothing wrong with 40 year olds complimenting a youngin

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are you dating chris brown? haha

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xD definately win, my friend!!! xD ^^^

OP, you should dream about being in a tag rope contest and pull his dick as hard as you can. haha.

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yeah. that's it.....a dream....right!