By Anonymous - Belgium - Gent
Today, I was verbally and physically attacked in a public pool, because I was swimming in what a grandma claimed was her part of the pool. Since I'm a very tolerant person, I calmly tried to talk some reason into the elderly lady. The lifeguard had to come to protect me. FML
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  Rkikkas9713  |  25

That makes no sense, kid. You don't automatically give respect. It's earned. If a war veteran is treating people like shit, I'm not going to respect them, even though they fought for our country.

By  everythingelena  |  28

if this lady is a regular at this pool I doubt this is the first time the lifeguards have had to deal with her about "her part of the pool"
sorry that happened Anon

just try to find some of the open pool and keep on swimming :)

By  countryb_cth  |  38

Have to say you handled that really well. I would have been ok up until she physically attacked me for being in "her part of the pool." Then I would have freaked and told her she was crazy and that it's a public pool so get over it. Or hid behind the lifeguard...