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Today, my coworker called me a liar when I said I've been to New York. This is the same psycho who honestly expects me to believe that she and Brad Pitt have a "thing" and that he secretly communicates with her through interviews on TV. FML
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  rileyrae0000  |  23

I absolutely HATE people who have to one-up. I had a friend who would one-up almost everything I said. If I said I went to California, she would reply with how she went to Hawaii twice. If I said I sprained my ankle, she had story about a broken wrist. It was honestly so exhausting.

  IAmzephyr  |  22

now, 22, I share stories similar to those of others too, but I'm not trying to one up them, rather share a similar story to keep the conversation going.

  JayGatsby  |  25

#24, The difference between a story vs one upping someone is that one upping is gloating about yourself and making the conversation about yourself, whereas a story is relating to the original speaker's story with your own story.

One up -
Person 1: Yeah, I had just visited New York for business, but I stayed a couple extra days to see the attractions.

Person 2 : Oh yeah, that's a little cool I guess. I went to Hawaii. Twice!

Story -
Person 1: Yeah, I had just visited New York for business, but I stayed a couple extra days to see the attractions.

Person 2: Wow, I have always wanted to visit New York! Actually, when I visited Hawaii recently, this couple told me about their time living in New York, and it sounds really exciting.

See the difference?

  rileyrae0000  |  23

Yeah I understand the difference. I feel like it's usually in the tone. But I could tell this particular friend was trying to one-up me. I enjoy when people share stories to add to the conversation but that simply was not the case.

By  Liamwme  |  9

Don't let her drive you mad. Just let her live her fantasy and try to keep your cool. You're not lying and you still have the memories from New York, that's all that matters my friend,

  missambitious  |  21

Agreed. The whole communicating through the TV is a definite red flag for a possible mental illness. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about that and, if I'm not, that she gets the help that she needs.

  chuka81  |  27

Depending on where OP lives, being to New York could be a big deal, just as much as being to Paris or London is a big deal to a lot of people.

  Xion0014  |  20

I'm from New York, theres really nothing special about bright billboards, hobos asking for change, tourist standing in the middle of the way and arrogant rich people pushing and shoving you, thinking you're inferior to them.