By filipinoclari808 - 16/04/2009 06:47 - United States

Today, I was horsing around after my big test. Someone punched me softly on my back. Figuring it was my friend, I turned around and did a roundhouse kick. It was my girlfriend. FML
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RichHurtz 0

Someone taps you so you roundhouse kick them? What are you, an idiot?



Haha that wasnt very nice! Pee Ess: Im first:D

quent10 0

I had no clue we roundhouse our friends to say hello now ?

OP are you ******* Chuck Norris now or something?

This went straight to my favorites.

everton99 16

Easily one of the best FMLs I have read.

wanderingidiot 0

so will she make out with you still?

I don't understand. you give your friends a full power round house kick? if it wasn't full power than it doesn't matter.

from the girlfriend: Today, I saw my boyfriend and I lightly punched him in the back. thinking he would turn around and kiss me, I smiled. he ended up roundhouse kicking me in the face. I think I'm dating chuck norris. FML

kiwigail 0

best ever

mygreenhoodie 0

if she was dating chuck norris it wouldn't be a FML

if she was dating chuck Norris and was kicked by him, she wouldn't be alive to write an Fml

sucks for you dude.... guess you are not getting laid for 2 weeks...

More like 2 years

sodawater19 0

who the hell do you think you are??? Chuck Norris???

SynfulPinion 6

holy shit, that was funny lol

lmfao that's awesome


you are a true Ninja!! A Ninja, does not take shit from anybody, not even his gf :D Round House Kick to the FACE

well actually, OP was hit, so it wouldn't count as a flawless victory :/

Socrates_fml 0

was it at least a good one?

RichHurtz 0

Someone taps you so you roundhouse kick them? What are you, an idiot?

Sounds fake...

yeah, he said girlfriend not ex


When would a soft punch EVER warrant a roundhouse kick? Why would you ever roundhouse someone? You've clearly been watching WAY too much Walker Texas Ranger... Grow up

damatix 3