By nosleep - 05/02/2011 00:05 - Australia

Today, in the middle of the night, my fiancé started yelling gibberish in his sleep. When I tried to wake him, he punched me square in the face. FML
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You interrupted his conversation with the devil.


hahaha. never wake up a man beeeiaaatchhh uahahahahaha

agreed YDI you don't ever wake up a sleepwalker or a talking dreamer they will knock you out and not even know why...they always feel bad about it but most times they don't remember it because it was the sleeper that did it not the conscious person you know and love.... i have been there and learned that the hard way lol

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back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. if you don't believe this lie is true, go ask the blind man. he saw it too. (sorry. I had to.)

All fmls require that it starts with todday

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You interrupted his conversation with the devil.

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ouch? Now you know never to attempt to wake him. While he's in dream land.

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do u blame him? he jus wanted a few zzzz's and u interrupted it o.O

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Just let him sleep next time.

why do people say SQUARE in the face. am I the only one who thinks it sounds stupid, you don't say circle or rectangle or any other shape to the face lol why not smack in the middle, square does not = middle sorry hahaha

I think the term means it's a clean hit. The full rectangle of the human fist makes contact with the face, not a glancing blow.

Escaped by the skin of your teeth Dead as a doornail On cloud nine There are plenty of English phrases that make no sense.

Doc, your picture is disturbing!! I can't believe that is real. Why on earth would someone do something like that?!?! I don't even see how that is even physically possible! As a doctor, I'm sure you've seen it all...

Oh, it's real. He really put it there, and I really got it out. I've seen all kinds of crazy stuff, but this is my favorite picture.

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when boxing you make a "square" with your arms, 2 sides at least, that's why it's sometimes called "squaring up" or something similar. if it's square in the face it's right through the guard and in the middle of the "square" you make.

34, let's play a game... (just kidding)

I'd"on cloud nine" when the f*** did we start counting the f***ing clouds??